Wednesday, 17 November 2010

MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base

Hey Dolls :)

After my last favorite three post a couple of people asked to see how pearl ccb looks with well dressed blush. This is a combination I've definitely been favoring of late.

In this photo I've applied it down the bridge of my nose, cheekbone, inner corner, under the brow bone and on my cupids bow. I hope you can see what I mean when I say it isn't a shimmery highlight it just reflects any light that hits your face in a quite natural way!

So far this week beauty wise I'm not very happy. You all know the effort I've been putting into my skin over the last couple of months and on Saturday I started to use a new foundation and it has completely broke me out. I'm probably overreacting but I'm so upset! I feel like I'm having to start all over again. You can't really see it in these photos but my poor chin isn't very happy just now!

How frustrating!!!!!

Lots of Love


  1. i just bought this yesterday and i love it already1 its like a wonder product that just makes a face look a million times better.

  2. I love this ccb! I just got it recently and it's stunning! Looks great on you :). I've lost my well dressed grr must find it as it looks like a lovely combo, you look so glowy! I've just had a huge chin breakout too, not amused! xo

  3. I won't lie--I was completely drawn to your eyes first. Your eyelashes look amazing and they really contrast so well with your eye color.

    What foundation did you use so I know to avoid it?

  4. I'm so envious of you Nic... your raven hair and glowing skin. Damn you :P xoxo

  5. Caroline - Ha it's amazing eh!?

    Emma - I feel everyone should have one ha! Ohhh no!! I've just hit pan boo :(

    Alyse - Ohh thank you so much!!! It was Bourjois healthy mix, I should of known as the concealer didn't work with my skin either!

    Natalielinsay - Ohh thank you sweets!! Ha you too can have these things as both are completely faked ha!


  6. Absolutely stunning as always :) You look so glowing and healthy in these pictures!! what foundation are you using here? and what broke you out :( hate when that happens!! xxx

  7. Oooo you are so pretty! I'm not a fan of cream/liquid highlighters on me as I like my face to be matt and then apply powder highlighters ontop as my skin is a spoty mess! xx

  8. You may have sold this product for me, lol! I'm definitely going to go take a look at it :o) Very pretty miss!

  9. definately a lovely combo :) thats a shame about your foundation missus, that would really annoy me too! but honestly you can hardly see at all where its broken you out! so dont stress too much lovely lady. still pretty as ever xx

  10. That looks quiet amazing ! i don't know if it's just pearl or the combination of all the makeup with the hair like that but it looks soft and radiant..very english rose-esque! hah x


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