Friday, 17 September 2010

Famous by Sue Moxley

Hey Dolls :)
I was recently browsing in Superdrug with Mamma Carr when she started swatching loads of shadows in the Famous by Sue Moxley line. In all honesty I had never paid much attention to any of the Famous products but when I saw the beeee-utiful colours on the back of my mums hand I had to have a look. I picked up three shadows and honestly I can't stop looking at how pretty they are! The three I picked up are all shimmer colours, I wasn't particularly impressed with any of the matte shades. The shimmer shadows are unbelievably buttery soft. They blend like an absolute dream and also have beautiful contrasting colours running through - exactly my kind of shadow!

Shade 17

Shade 17 is a really lovely brown with a copper shimmer running through. I think this would look beautiful blended into the crease with a really neutral colour on the lid like naked from Urban Decay. It has an almost metallic appearance when you catch it in the right light.

Shade 14

Oh my days I love this shadow! What I love most about is the fact that it looks really quite dull in the pan - it isn't until it is swatched that you realise how lovely it really is. As you can see there's a really lovely purple shimmer running through the shadow with the base being a browny-plum.

Shade 12

This was the shadow that originally caught my eye - of course it's a purple! It has a beautiful electric blue running through the shadow - my favorite! I just could not get a good photo of shade 12 that shows the shimmer so here's a blurred one where you can see just how bright the blue is...

I am honestly so impressed with the quality of these shadows, they are only £4 each which I think is a great deal for how soft and pigmented they are. I should of said that each swatch is taken after only one swipe. There are also shadow quads for £9 that look beautiful which I want to go back and have a look at.

Have you tried any Sue Moxley products?

Love Nic



  1. wow how gorgeous are those shadows!! Especially that last one! I've never thought about looking at Sue Moxley stuff but I think I may have to now. Lol xx

  2. I know I was exactly the same, I had always bypassed it! Have a wee peek the next time you're in! xxx

  3. I have a gorgeous Taupe Sue Moxley eyeshadow - you've inspired me to use it now haha!

  4. Oh my goodness! I agree that Shade 14 doesn't appear to be very special in the pan but it is GORGEOUS swatched on your hand there! x


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