Monday, 27 September 2010

Loose Waves and Beauty and the Beast!

Hey Dolls :)
Just a quick snap of how I've been wearing my hair lately. I curled my extensions using my babyliss concial wand the night before and let the curls fall out into loose waves...

I genuinely love my conical wand, I use it almost everyday. When I was in boots the other day I saw that babyliss had brought a new wand, it looked square rather than round and can be used to produce waves - has anyone tried it? I'm rather intrigued!

I do apologise for the terrible grainy photobooth photos, it wasn't even light outside when I was getting up and ready boo!

And just because it wouldn't be a photo booth post without one, here's a cheesy thumbs up pose...

Lorra Love



  1. Im loving the t-shirt so awesome :)
    Beauty and the beast has to be one of my fav disney films, fersure <3

  2. Love this look and the tshirt is amazing :) I ♥ Beauty& the beast

  3. You look stunning poppet :) Love the curls, the pink lipstick and obviously the beauty and the beast tee! ahh-may-zing!
    mwah xxx

  4. You look lovely and the t shirt is epic.

    Rachelle Xxx

  5. ah, seriously cute lady! :)

    I wonder how the square wand works? - hmmm, you've got me very curious!

    a x

  6. Your hair is always so pretty! Gorgeous t-shirt too! xxx

  7. Ahh love thr t-shirt! Love your hair like this, you look stunning :) xo

  8. Gorgeous! How cuteeee is that tee! xoxo

  9. Hannah - It is my number one disney film - no contest!

    Steph - Me toooo!

    Rhamnousia - Aww thank you haha at primary school people used to call me ni-pepsi but it all got taken too far when they broke out with ni-sunnydelight!

    Sinead - Aww thank you so much sweets!

    LaurenRhiannon - ohh you should get it,!

    Rachelle - Aw thank you so much!

    Ann - I know I'm dying for someone to try it, don't know if I should just bite the bullet and be the first!

    May - Thank you May :D

    Emma - Thank you so much, it literally took no time at all!

    Jennie - hehe I know I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it <3


  10. how cute is that top!
    love they way your hair looks too xx

  11. cutest tee shirt! hair looks lovely too x

  12. Ni-sunnydelight, ha!

    I remember that disgusting juice, it was HORRIBLE!

  13. What a beautiful rack you have. by the way, you don't need all that makeup either ;)


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