Thursday, 16 September 2010

I want to be a Kardashian!

Hey Dolls :)
I've talked about this lots before but I bloomin love Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I love Khloe, Kourtney and Kim's style so much - they always look so lovely and glamorous - I'm rather jealous. After watching old episodes of KUWTK I decided today to channel my inner Kardashian and sport some long wavy hair and dark eyes...

Face - DiorSkin Sculpt/NARS Laguna/Illamasqua Bronzing Duo/Models Own Cheeky Pink

Eyes - Two Faced Shadow Insurance/UD Creep and Sin/MAC Smoulder/MUFE Smoky Lash

Lips - MAC Angel/NARS Orgasm Gloss

I didn't want to go all out and layer loads of blush/highlight a la Kardashian as I'm going on a wee trip to seaside today but I do love dark eyes!

Have a good day loves!


  1. If you darkened your brows a tiny bit I think it would work better but you know you look gorgeous regardless.

    And I love that show too, I find it really watchable because it seems REAL, unlike The Hills which is so fake. I feel for Bruce though!

  2. I've been rather lazy with brow maintanance of late ha I barely even fill them in anymore, I need to get on top of that! I'm always so jealous of Kim's brows! Ohh Bruce - he always makes me laugh though! xx

  3. looks gorgeous, your really photogenic x

  4. Pretty, pretty as usual! You could give the Kardashian girls a run for thier money! xxx

  5. Gorgeous!! You're skin is stunnning :)
    I might have to try that which hazel malarkey!!
    - beth x

  6. this looks so beautiful on you! 'kuwtk' - love it! :L xoxo

  7. Onna - Thank you so much!! I never ever think I take a good photo at all!

    May - Ha I wish!! Thank you lady!

    Beth - You definitely should! It's worth a try I saw a huge bottle in superdrug for £1.50 today :)

    Natalie - Ha KUWTK is now a twitter hashtag :D

    Karleigh - I can't get used to your new eye! It's loverly! Thank you!!

    Fern - Aw thank you so much!


  8. your make-up looks lovely!
    so pretty xx

  9. Your eyes are such a lovely colour, this make up really brings them out :)

  10. wow your absoultey gorgeous! <33

  11. lol i love the kardashians too! specially Kim, i spotted her a loooong time ago when she started hanging out with Paris Hilton, I was like "she should be famous, forget Paris"

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!! :)
    I love the Kardashians too :) xx

  13. Hannah - Thank you so much!

    Annabella - Aw thank you! My eyes are a wee bit odd, they change colour in the light all the time!

    Paperheart - Thank you, thats so lovely of you to say :)

    Beauty Ambition - she has the most amazing bone structure, I'd kill for her cheekbones! And I concur, Paris who? Ha :)

    Make up Addict - Thank you! I'd love to be a Kardashian hahaha



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