Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My Two Minute Face...

Hey Dolls :)
A little while ago I posted my 5-10 minute face, however of late this has been substituted for my two minute face...

Literally a dusting of MAC MSF Natural, MAC Hang Loose blush, MAC Smoulder in the waterline, Max Factor False Lash Effect and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour about lazeeee! Ha also I'm wearing the same t-shirt two posts in a that a faux pas? I feel it may be (I promise it's clean ha!)

I've been having a brainstorm for coming posts and I was thinking of doing a one week lipstick challenge! Basically I would need to wear a different colour (not shade) lipstick for seven days to lull me out of my baby pink comfort fuchsia, red, mauve, nude, orange, plum etc. Does that sound remotely interesting? Let me know!

Lots of Love




  1. I can't believe how gorgeous you look in just two mins! Also I would LOVE to see a one week lipstick challenge! I love lipstick and I love seeing your fab looks so that would be right up my street! xxx

  2. Why won't my skin look as beautiful and clear as yours! haha
    I'd love to see the lipstick colour of the week :D xx

  3. Sounds very interesting :D I wish I didn't feel I looked shit in lipstick because I'd probably be wearing a different colour for everyday of the week, too.

  4. gee wizz, you still manage to look gorgeous in two minutes *jelous* :-) xxx

  5. Gorgeous! Can't believe this only took you 2 minutes! The lipstick challenge sounds like a fab idea :) x

  6. May - Aww thank you! I think i'm going to do it, it sounds fun I think!

    M - yay!!!

    Abbie - your skin looks lovely Abbie, always does!!!!

    Tash - I used to think I looked terrible in lippie, I think it's more about getting used to wearing it!

    Fern - Thank you so much love!

    LilyLipstick - Aww I'm glad!! I'm going to start on Monday I think!



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