Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Snow White...Kind Of

Hey Dolls :)

This is a FOTN from a couple of days ago - I hadn't intended on going out so hadn't bothered to straighten my extensions or tanned. However, earlier that day I had watched Snow White and at the last minute to decided to give myself a quick (fake) bob and red lips...

Face - Revlon Photoready/MAC Prep + Prime Powder/MAC Harmony

Eyes - Two Faced Shadow Insurance/MAC Saddle/MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack/MAC Zoom Lash

Lips - Illamsqua Strumpet/Maybelline Colorsensational Ruby Star/MAC Love Alert Dazzleglass

It felt a bit odd going out with a matte face, I'm usually all about the glow. Also no blusher eek! However I really do love how red lips and pale skin look together - how amazing are ruby star and love alert together?

Lots of Love




  1. oooo that looks so pretty!! x

  2. Really pretty and you really suit a bob!

  3. aw I can def see the Snow White in you :) You look stunning hunny, really love this look

  4. you really do look like snow white!! xoxo

  5. I LOVE IT!!!!! You look so different x

  6. This is gorgeous! You are a perfect Snow White! Watch out for the Wicked Witch and her apples Girly! xxx

  7. you look SENSATIONAL! you should def do this look randomnly, it's gorrrrgeous and your skin looks ever so fab! yep yep you deffo suit the lush red lips, you're making me more brave! ^___^ xxxxx

  8. Charlotte - Thank you!!

    Kat - Aww thanks - I have been thinking of going for a bob again but I know I probs wont ever again...

    Steph - Aw thank you so much!

    Natalie - Ha I wish!!! And I need a red ribbon :D

    Karleigh - I honestly think it's the hair!!

    May - Aww you're too sweet :D Ha I'll keep my eyes peeled ;)

    Jules - Thank yoooou! I'm really quite loving the pale pale skin - I've seen you rock a red lip too lady!


  9. you can definately pull off the bright lip and pale complexion - i know i wouldn't be able to, or i'm just not brave enough to attempt it lol xx

  10. VERY gorgeous snow white <3
    that lip color looks HOT on u dear =)

  11. i love the pale skin on you! so clean and fresh looking :D

  12. Wow, this look is amazing on you! I'm envious of the fact you can carry off bright lipstick so well - I always look like I belong in a circus! x

  13. Sarah - Oh I bet you would! You should have a go on a day when you know you don't really have to leave the house!

    Curves ahead makeup - They're amazing eh!?

    Feef - Thank you!!! I do love a red lip

    Emma - Ha it's just a teeny bit paler than my actual skin, I should embrace the pale more often than I do!

    MissMascara - Thank you :)

    Charlotte - Thank you so much! I think sometimes it's more if you're not used to wearing bright colours it can make you feel quite self conscious - I just wore it loads around the house untill I was used to it :)


  14. You do indeed look like snow white but I still like your hair too much for you to cut a bob!


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