Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Daily Mini Facial...

Hey Dolls :)

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I'm on a proper skin kick of late - now that my skin is looking better than it ever has I'm on a proper mission to try and keep it that way. Recently I've indulged in some proper pamper sessions by getting a professional facial. However, on a recent google sesh I happened across some brilliant tips to get the feeling of a facial at home - the most beneficial to me being a daily facial massage.

This particular massage technique is promoted by facialist Vaishaly Patel . She claims that daily facial massages can firm, smooth and sculpt whilst increasing circulation to the skin which in turn creates a healthy flushed glow. These are the steps I've followed for the last month...
  1. Using alternative hands, sweep up the neck - always in an upwards movement briskly but gently. Repeat x 3

  2. Using your fingertips and starting from the chin and jaw line moving upwards, massage the face using circular motions - Vaishaly claims that this boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage whilst helping to disperse any congestion under the surface of the skin.

  3. When you get to the eye area, sweep your fingers along the brow bone, moving outwards and then underneath the eye towards the nose.

  4. Complete the massage by massaging the forehead working from the middle outwards towards the temples.

I normally use a little amount of moisturiser so as not to stretch the skin. Also use quite firm and smooth movements trying not to drag the skin. After doing this massage daily for a month I have definitely noticed a change in the vitality of my skin - it looks really fresh and bright! I also hope I see the knock on effect the older I get. I've also found it really easy to fit into my daily routine as I do it in the shower in the morning whilst I give my conditioner time to work its magic.

I'd love to hear any of your skincare tips!

Love Nic


  1. Oooh, I am so trying this tonight! I feel quite sad though, I was sat here miming the movements! xo

  2. Kate - Ha ha I think it's a must :D xx

  3. i learnt facials at TAFE and we do a face massage that goes for 20 minutes! they are so relaxing, you have steam on you at the same time, i fell asleep once haha x


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