Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Gucci Guilty Black

As a lover of the original Gucci Guilty fragrance, I was excited to try its new darker counterpart, Gucci Guilty Black.  I've been wearing this perfume daily for the last couple of weeks and wanted to quickly share my thoughts.

With notes of pink pepper, red fruits, violet, patchouli and amber, Gucci Guilty Black is sweeter and more sultry than the original.  It smells particularly fruity when first sprayed, however it settles into  floral fragrance, with the heart note of violet coming to the forefront balanced by the earthy base of patchouli and amber. 

I was initially a little surprised as I expected Gucci Guilty Black to be a much more intense fragrance suitable for nighttime due to the name and the darker packaging.  However, I've found that Gucci Guilty Black is a perfect daytime fragrance; it has the perfect balance of sweetness and earthiness.  

If you like floral fragrances, I definitely recommend Gucci Guilty Intense.  Not overpowering and a little bit sexy, it's become one of my favourite everyday perfumes.

Have you tried either of the Gucci Guilty perfumes? I'd love to know your thoughts!

Love Nicola

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