Sunday, 8 September 2013

Glitz&Glam Double Volume Synthetic Hair Piece

I've had quite a few questions about my hair in recent posts and on my Instagram and yes I's not my real hair!  If you read back through some of my old posts, you can see I've worn hair extensions for a couple of years and absolutely love them.   I also love Geordie Shore and when Vicky Pattison  tweeted about the hair pieces she wears are from a website called Glitz & Glam,  I went straight there to find out more.  Curiosity got the better of me, and I ordered the Double Volume Synthetic Hair Piece.

The piece is made from 140g of synthetic hair which means you can't use any heated styling tools, however the curls hold amazingly well, even after washing.  As you can see, the hair is attached onto a skull cap with two combs; one at the top and the other at at the bottom.  I wear 1b and the piece is 22" long.  

To style, I section my fringe and front two thirds of my hair with a large clip and gather the rest of my hair in a low ponytail before pinning this flat against my head.  I then fit the cap over my head, fitting the bottom comb into the hair at the base of my neck and the top comb where the pony tail is sectioned from the first two thirds of my hair (it helps if you backcomb this hair first).  I normally use some kirby grips around the joint to make sure the piece doesn't move about (especially if I'm going out dancing!)  I then pull my top layers over to cover where the join of the cap and my hair meets.  I've found the more of my own hair that frames my face, the more natural the hairpiece looks - it just takes a little practice!  I've found using sleep-in rollers make this whole process a lot easier - I pop them in in the morning and by the time I'm ready to wear the hair piece my layers are voluminous enough to cover the join easily.

The piece is a little heavy to wear at first, however after wearing extensions for years I'm pretty used to this feeling.  The combs don't hurt or tug my natural hair and as long as I use a couple of kirby grips, I've never been worried that the piece was going to become detached.  After I've worn the hairpiece a couple of times, I wash it using baby shampoo and a gentle conditioner.  I let it air dry and within a day the curls are back to being bouncy, sleek and shiny.  Importantly, try not to over comb your piece as this can cause the hair to become a little frizzy - my tangle teazer is perfect to use if I need to smooth over the ends.  I've found that a little bit of serum combined with washing regularly really helps to keep frizz at bay.  I've included some photographs below to show how the piece looks in:

The Double Volume is priced at £39.99 and delivery is amazingly fast.  I'm lucky in that I know what colour to order extensions in, however if you're unsure the girls over at the Glitz&Glam twitter will colour match you - all you need to do is tweet them a photo!

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