Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Favourite Perfumes

I want to start with a quick disclaimer...this will probably not be one of my most descriptive posts as I am useless at describing scents. Perfumers would probably recoil against the numerous variations of lovely/beautiful/pretty/amazing found below...but I'll give it a go!

Tom Ford 'Black Orchid'

Probably the most complex of all the perfumes I've picked, 'Black Orchid' is my 'grown up' perfume.  Reserved for special occasions, 'Black Orchid' is unbelievably long lasting and extremely strong.  Any more than two spritzes can leave me feeling a little overwhelmed.  Personally, I prefer 'Black Orchid' once it has settled a little.  After a quick google search, I think it is the truffle notes that jar slightly with vanilla and ylang ylang when initially sprayed - it is said that truffle was included to evoke 'a man's sweaty crotch' (please don't let this put you off!).  Until the scent has settled, 'Black Orchid' has quite a spicy scent that settles to a beautifully complex creamy vanilla.  It is difficult for me to accurately describe the scent of 'Black Orchid', instead I would urge you spritz a tester to truly see how the perfume transforms throughout the day.

Stella McCartney 'Stella'

'Stella' has quickly become one of my favourite day time perfumes.  The most dominant note of 'Stella' is rose which sadly comes with a reputation of being dated or old fashioned. By combining rose with a base of Amber helps give 'Stella', a deceptively simple scent, a little more complexity and depth while still smelling quite light and fresh!


Of all the perfumes on my list, Chloé is my favourite but seems to be the scent that divides opinion most. I love Chloé for everyday wear as it smells so clean and fresh.  Best described by Chloé as a 'powdery rose', on me it wears as a clean, feminine, rosy floral and each time I wear it will always be asked at least once which perfume I'm wearing.  After a lot of time spent reading other reviews, it seems that the appeal of Chloé is dependent on skin chemistry - it either works for you or it doesn't!

Chanel Chance and Coco Mademoiselle

While both are different perfumes in their own right, Chanel Chance and Coco Mademoiselle are undeniably 'Chanel' scents.  I find Mademoiselle a little more sophisticated than Chance and imagine that Chance is marketed at a slightly younger audience.  With Mademoiselle's spicy and citrus oriental notes, it feels Chic...and strong.  More than once I've suffered being stuck beside someone on a bus/train/office who has been a little over enthusiastic - with Mademoiselle less is more! According to Chanel, 'Chance' is an 'unexpected floral', and it is the jasmine in Chance that I love, allowing it to translate easily from daytime to evening wear.

What are your favourite perfumes? Have I included any of your favourites?

Love Nicola


  1. I love the Stella McCartney perfume! It smells amazing! It also has a familiar smell to it as my mum always wears it and it reminds me of her!
    I have the Chanel Chance and it's my grown-up scent! It's gorgeous! xx

    1. I love when a perfume reminds you of someone straight away!! Chance is lovely! You should have a sniff of Mademoiselle too if you haven't already! x


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