Saturday, 13 April 2013

Nail art made easy

I am not a big nail person, I wish I was but I'm just not!  When I'm painting my nails I get so fidgety waiting for them to dry and I'm not a particularly neat nail painter (you'll see this in the photos below).  My friend Kerry is amazing at nail art  (check this instagram photograph of how she transformed my nails for my holiday) and I really wish that I was artistic and steady handed enough to try and replicate some of her nail art.

I was recently sent some Nail Art Nail Tattoos, along with two polishes and a top coat, and was excited to try them out!

The nail tattoos are stickers that you place on the nail once the polish has completely dried - I can't stress how important this is, as on my first couple of attempts I got in a bit of a mess.  It either smudged or the tattoos slid off.  When you were younger, did you ever have the reusable sticker scene sets ? This is what the tattoos remind me of, they feel exactly the same!

Placing the tattoos can be a little fiddly but as long as your nail polish is completely dry, you can move the sticker easily before sealing it down with a top coat.  This another really important step or the tattoo will begin to peel off (another mistake I first made).

I was also sent three polishes - a tomato red called 'She Wore Red Velvet', a white called 'I Live in an Igloo' and a top coat called 'It's Crystal Clear'.  Both polishes are opaque after two coats and although I was initially a little wary of high school 'tip-ex' nails, I grew to really like the white as an accent colour. I did find that the top coat caused my polish to bubble, which you can see in the photograph below.

In the first photograph I'm wearing 'She Wore Red Velvet' and 'I Live in an Igloo' with two love heart tattoos and in the bottom I've paired a bow tattoo with Essie's 'Fiji' and O.P.I's 'Teenage Dream'.  I used 'It's Crystal Clear' over 'Fiji' to see if it caused any bubbling which you can see on my thumb nail in the bottom picture.

As long as you follow all of the instructions, I think these tattoos are a really good way of achieving simple nail art.  It took me a few attempts to get it right but I like the way it turned out! You can buy the tattoos from the Skin Art website or from Boots and Urban Outfitters and they cost £5.99.  The nail polishes cost £3.00 which I think is really affordable for how opaque they are - I want the multicoloured glitter polish 'Party Piñata' next!

Have you dabbled in any nail art?

Lots of Love


  1. These look sooooo cute! I love the little bow on your thumb. I used to be really into nail art, but I don't really have the time anymore, so these look perfect!

    xo, aly

    1. Exactly - they're so quick and easy to use! x


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