Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Favourite Three...YSL

Hey Dolls :)

I was requested to do my favourite three YSL items and yet again, I've cheated!

Creme De Blush in 5 Fuschia Temptation

I normally hate cream to powder blushers, preferring instead the formulation of the illamasqua cream products that stay dewy on the cheek. However, the formula of YSL cream blushers have absolutely blown me away. On first touch, they are ridiculously creamy but not greasy - when blended, the blush turns into a satiny powder. In the pot, fuchsia temptation looks rather scary - however it blends out into the most beautiful pink flush (I've included swatches of everything at the bottom). It lasts the full day without needing to be touched up and you literally need a smidgen for both cheeks. They are pricey at £28 but they last such a long time because of how little you use!

Faux Cils

I still love faux cils though it has its flaws. I absolutely love how it makes my lashes look - extremely black, thick and voluminous. However, it really does dry up far too quickly for the amount of money it costs to repurchase it every couple of months. Instead, I prefer keeping it as a treat purchase! You can read my full review here.

Lip Products

Yeah I cheated...I picked three lipsticks from my favourite YSL formulations. At the top is rouge pur 28 tyrian purple which is a bright fuchsia with a subtle silver that runs through - you can see me wear it here. Rouge Pur's are really creamy and pigmented and despite being such a vibrant colour don't feather or bleed. However, it isn't as long lasting in comparison to many other brights I have in my collection, though it does leave a lovely stain (not in a bad way) on the lips.

Next is rouge volupte 19 Frivolous Pink - which is quite a bright baby pink. Rouge Voluptes are probably the creamiest lipsticks I have ever tried - they are so opaque and glossy on the lips. However, the staying power is lower than the rouge purs - I try and see this a positive, at least I get to whip the beautiful lipstick out my bag more often!

Lastly is a recent lip combination I have fallen in love with - Rouge Pur Couture in number 11 rose carnation and a golden gloss in 42 Candy Pink. Rose Carnation is a browny pink that has a wonderfully glossy finish. The rouge pur coutures are not as creamy as the rouge pur and voluptes but they feel just as moisturising and are a little more longer wearing. Candy Pink is a beautiful pink gloss with a gold sparkle - it looks equally as pretty on its own or over rose carnation. It is a little sticky but less so than MAC dazzleglasses for instance but is just as long lasting.

I've included swatches below - sorry I don't have any full face pictures of these in action, I've been off work all week with a hideous virus and my swollen face will do them no justice, however if you wish to see how any of these look on, I'll be more than happy to, when I feel a tad more human!

Rouge pur couture 11, golden gloss 42, 11 and 42 together, rouge pur 128, rouge volupte 19, fuschia temptation swatched then blended.

Lots of Love


  1. Haha cheated is an understatement! I've never heard of the cream to powder blush before. Would love to see a review of that product.

  2. Ha ha I didn't think I'd fool anything with 'lip products'!! I think they came out in this years spring collection but are still available - I'll get on it sweets :D xx

  3. I have to try a YSL lippie they look gorgeous:)


  4. How I hate this mascara, it makes my super short lashes look awful! The blush looks incredible though (:

  5. Laura Mck - You definitely do, always feel a little special whenever I wear one!

    Gaby - ohh that's such a shame it doesn't work for you!! I love the blush, I'm going to do a seperate post so people can see how it looks on


  6. Gaaaah you with your high end beautiful makeup recently! So jel! I looooove YSL lipsticks even though I only own one I always go into Debenhams and look at them all the time hahah xx

  7. Hahaha I'm celebrating since I'm finally earning a full time wage! I think they should feel like a treat anyways - it feels more special when you finally buy another one :D xx

  8. Loving your collection of YSL. I love their lipsticks, so soft and smooth x

  9. I really wanna try ysl's cream blush.. Their cream eye shadow is amaaaazing

  10. gosh that blush looks so bright! awesome post!


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