Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Exam Pyjamas

Hey Dolls

Today was the first of my last ever exams at uni - more importantly it was the first outing of my new trousers, which I can only describe as 'social pyjamas' or pyjamas posing as trousers...

I recently posted on facebook that I have more pyjamas than actual clothes (tragic) so a trouser/pyjama hybrid for me is amazing! I know harem pants have been out for ages but these are slightly different to lots of I've seen - they're a lot baggier and 'float' when you walk - so comfy and breezy! Plus the print is amazing! I got them from dorothy perkins for around £25...I'm going back tomorrow for a couple of other prints!

Yet again my love of a stretchy waistband prevails - what are your thoughts of harems?

Love Nicola


  1. I love hareems and such trousers. Any pj like trousers that you can wear out in public get a big thumbs up from me because as soon as I get home I live in pj's. Yay for comfy floaty trousers xx

  2. i love harem, so so comfy!! not brave enough for printed ones though, i only have black! xx

  3. LOVE these pants hun .. also u look fab!! xx

  4. Those look so comfy & I love the print!

  5. Abbie - I'm the same as soon as I'm home make up off pjs on!!

    Jessica - I have a black pair but only wear them in the house they're a lot less baggy so seem a little less flattering on my shape boo!

    Stacey - thanks ladyy!

    Cait - They honestly are the comfiest thing ever! Pretty much because they're clown trousers ha!

  6. They look SO super comfortable and you look so lovely in them! I tried a pair on and it looked like I'd pooed my pants, it was NOT a good look. So I'm jealous of anyone that can where them and still look good! haha xo

  7. i like ur blog, doll
    i started to follow u baby
    it will be great, if u will answer me in following and do it too <33


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