Saturday, 28 May 2011


Hey Dolls :)
If you've read my blog for a while you will know I always seem to be in a constant battle with my skin. However, one product that I can always rely on is sudocrem.

Traditionally used for nappy rash, I've used sudocrem as a spot treatment for years. I always use sudocrem as an overnight treatment as it's a really thick white cream, unsuitable for wearing under make up throughout the day. After the first night, any redness around the affected area has been greatly reduced due to the zinc and by the third day any breakout is pretty much gone. I often suffer from bad acne scarring, however I have definitely noticed when I use sudocrem on any breakouts I don't scar as much.

Previously, the one drawback for me was the packaging, I always had to scoop the cream from a big pot, which left loads of product stuck under my nails, plus it isn't very hygienic. I hadn't realised that sudocrem had launched a tube until I was offered the chance to review it. The tube cuts out all of the mess and hassle of the tub plus, it's small enough to keep on my bed side table.

In conjunction with this new packaging, Sudocrem Tube were offering free bagology readings on their facebook page, think beauty bloggers whats in my bag posts crossed with's the the contents of my bag

And here's what Debbie, the baagology reader (bagologist?), could tell about me from the contents of my bag

There are some scarily accurate observations here - I've just finished uni so I am in desperate search for my talents. I also would hope that I'm a good and loyal friend, however I think it's funny to think I could ever be an inspiration to others, I'm too scatterbrained and silly!

Though the bagology readings have now stopped you can still go and read other girls readings (and you will spot many other familiar blogger faces!) and keep an eye out for the bagology app due to be launching on their facebook page.

Let me know if you have any other uses for sudocrem, I've heard it's a good preventative for shaving rash?

Lots of Love


  1. Hi Nicola,
    I always have sudocrem with me wherever i go. Whenever i get stressed or panicky (which is pretty much all the time!), i get these awful itchy bumps on my arm and body, sudocrem clears it right up within minutes. It saves my day! Its a great product x

  2. My mum swears by Sudocrem for spots. The tube version looks great as the grey pots of it don't look particularly glamourous...tubes are so much more hygenic too. Love the bagology reading! x

  3. I can't believe you have one of those sherbet things in your bag!! Totally craving one now and i haven't had one for about 10 years!


  4. Sudocreme is a legend!! Best thing invented, I have a massive tub of it next to my bed.I've also been known to wear it in the office if I have a spot haha xx

  5. Temporary Secretary: Wow that sounds amazing!I really haven't used it for anything other than spots! Thank you :)

    Lily - Exactly I think the tube is perfect, especially if you're using it for acne, it dispenses just the right amount of product!

    Shivvy - ha I got given it at work, the packaging is all different and plastic now!

    Ray - Hahaha you sound like me with my slippers and slanket in work ;)


  6. Great review! Sudocrem is so oldscool :)


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