Saturday, 7 May 2011

One short day...

In the emerald cityyyyy

I am absolutely drawn to greens/emeralds/turquoises at the moment and was of no surprise when looking for an outfit to wear to a family tonight, I came home with this...

I am in absolute love with this caped blouse, in real life the colour is much more of an emerald than a mint. I also love that it covers my arms a little but because of the split sleeves it still feels summery - I think this would be perfect to take away for the evening on holiday! The blouse is from river island, the ring H&M and the polish is M.A.C's peppermint patti (still my favourite!).

I bought my first maxi dress yesterday and I'm unsure as to how to wear it - how do you style yours? Mine is just a plain black racer back - all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Lots of Love

P.S Snaps if you know the title of this post!


  1. Love it, love the ring and polish too it's all so co-ordinated :-) I want to buy my first maxi dress too, love how they look on other people, just worried they won't look as good on me :-)

  2. Love the ring, I have an obsession with that kind of thing/colour etc atm! Gorgeous top xx

  3. Love the blouse - such a gorgeous colour.
    I wear my maxi dresses with heels as I'm 5'1 and would trip on the hem otherwise and with a belt to nip in the waist. I really like how feminine and summery they feel to wear :) x

  4. I want the blouse.
    Yes, yes, yessssss to the colour :)
    LOVE as per!


  5. Very nice! That is such a pretty colour indeed :) Wish maxi dresses suited me, I'm too much of a shorty for them haha. Oooooh and I recognise a Wicked song a mile off ;) xx

  6. this looks GORG on you,I am in love. Those colours are so up my street mrs. i think I want to try a maxi too just think I will look a proper ninny in one ( does anyone even say ninny these days?!)xxxxx

  7. I am all about sheer blouses lately! This is gorgeous and reminds me that I need to try china glaze for Audrey polish. I also bought a black racer back maxi (h&m) this week. I might style mine with a brown belt, lowish. And gold accessories :) x

  8. you look gorgeous, so slim too! xo

  9. I love this outfit on you! The color is absolutely gorgeous and I love the shape of the blouse as well - so interesting and feminine :) x

  10. I absolutely love this outfit! The teal blue is just so gorgeous :)

  11. My gosh, it is stunning :)
    You look lovely, and its very flattering. Love it with just the simple leggings & heels.
    The colour is so so lovely x

  12. haha I love Wicked!
    The colour of the top looks gorgeous on you, stunning (: xx

  13. You look lovely! Very sophisticated. The colour really suits you! xxx

  14. i adore this colour, is suits you so well beautiful xo

  15. I literally saw the Wicked title and clicked right away to it! The top looks lovely on you, I really like the back of it :)

  16. I'm ye to broach maxi dresses but I've always thought they look cute with cropped denim jackets xx

  17. I'm sure you hear this all the time - but I was being a creeper and digging all the way through your blog since I looove it! - and noticed that when you had red hair you looked a WHOLE MOTHERFNIN LOT like the twins from Skins seasons three and four :) they were gorgeous and so are you!

  18. you look BEYOND amazing amazing in that turquoise top :) and I always wear my maxi dress with a denim biker style jacket!

  19. That is such an amazingly gorgeous and beautiful dress. I always wants to pick up things like this when I'm shopping. Thanks very much for sharing this with us.
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  20. Catherine - thank you! It's rather unlike me! I'm normally clashing like mad!I'm the same, I might wear it round the house for a bit!

    Carla - Thanks honey!

    Lily - I think that's why I love them because they're so floaty! I think i'll try it with wedges!

    laurenrhiannon - Thanks sweets - get it!!!

    Ayden - I'm worried that it makes me look short and stumpy hmm! ohh yeah - <3 wicked!!

    Ruth - thanks sweets! Lots of love for ninny! Lets bring it back ;)

    Emily - I can't stop buying sheer everything! Ohh I think we must have the same dress! Please show me some pictures when you wear it!

    Fern - Thank you so much!

    Tiffany - Aww thank you so much! The shape is what drew me to it, I love the back wings!

    Erica - thank you so much!

    Steph - Thanks sweets, to be honest I wasn't quite sure what to wear with it, glad I kept it simple!

    Abbie - Thanks sweets :D

    Temporary:Secretary - Thank you so much!

    Tennille - Thanks babycakes!

    Cait - ha I knew you'd recognise it straight away!!!!!

    Kiran - I agree though I can never seem to find a denim jacket that I feel suits me! Boo!

    Donna - thank you so much! Ha a few people have told me that, including my bf! I loved those series of skins!

    Caitlin - thank yoou! I think I'll wear it shopping and try on some denim!

    Milano - thank you:)


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