Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Things I've been enjoying lately...

Hello Everyone :)

I'm quite enjoying mixing my make up posts with bits and pieces from my life (I hope you are too!) Today I just fancied a bit of a ramble so here are a few things I have been rather enjoying lately...

Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack

I loved this film and when I heard the soundtrack I loved it even more - I find Karen O so inspirational and the songs for Where the Wild Things Are are simply beautiful. I suggest listening to All is Love whilst reading the rest of this post....

Old School Cartoons

When I say old school I mean old school....Does anyone remember Mr Ben?

And The Clangers?

I remember having these on video and would watch them curled up with my mum and an ice cream float!

Pinned-Up Curls

I don't really like wearing my hair up (I have ear issues) but I'm learning to love it as long as it covers ear. This photo is further evidence as to why I love my babyliss conical wand so much.

Glimpses of Summer

The prospect of summer is one of the only things keeping me sane amidst frantic studying for finals. This photo was taken on my favorite day last summer when Nick and I took a picnic to Loch Lomond, listened to pretty music and fell asleep in the sun...bliss!

Study Munchies

Pretty much this has been my diet of late - terrible I know. Got a whole lotta love for Muller Light!

Rootin' Tootin' (fake) Pony Skin Boots

I suppose this is more of a cheerio to my most beloved boots as summer is creeping in. Though for the last couple days it's been so chilly that I've been able to wear them again...I love you boots, see you next year!

Lots of Love


    I remember him!!!

  2. those booots! very nice. cute post i love your curled hair

  3. Jessica Rose - I love Mr Ben!!

    Kayleigh - I love my rootin' tootin' boots!!!


  4. You look gorgeous with those pin up curls!!


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