Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Circle of Shame

Hey Dolls :)

The other day I got a bit of a shock when someone told me their first impression when we met was that I was vain and shallow solely based on the fact that I had nice make up and hair and carried a pocket mirror in my bag...Arrrrgh genuinely you can't win! You either deserve heats circle of shame if I don't wear make up or get labelled as vain when I do take care of my appearance.

Now...lets be completely honest here what would I rather look like....?



That first photo is me completely natural - no extensions, make up, fake tan, straighteners nothing. Yep I have spots, frizzy hair and pasty skin - and I'm fine with that. However I don't think there is anything wrong with making an effort or taking pride in your appearance ( not that I'm saying the second photo is perfect just an improvement ha!)

Blaaaaah I wish we would stop being so judgemental of one another and accept everyone (and ourselves) flaws and all!

Lots of Love


  1. You look beautiful with no make up on as well! xo

  2. You are so lucky to be naturally pretty, I think you look gorgeous with or without makeup :) but I agree that we all like to approve our appearance by putting abit of slap on, I sure do!

  3. You are beautiful both ways! Some people need to mind their own business, sheeeshhhhh some people in this world! Ignore her darling :)

  4. Jennie - Aw thank you m'love!

    Charlotte - Thanks hunny! I think as long as I had foundation i'd be ok - you can take everything else away!

    Hannah - :D Thanks!

    Obsessed - Ha I know it was such an odd thing to say though we're quite friends now it was a bit of a shock!!!

  5. I think that you look beautiful both ways , honestly :)

  6. You look lovely in both!
    I agree, you can't win! I used to get that all the time too, from people who didnt know me. Oh and that I also stuck my tits out (this is actually because I stand with a straight back. Lol) xx

  7. You're still a lil' cutie with no make up on. Now if I was to post a pic of me like that, I look like a completly different person haha.


  8. You look lovley without makeup on too. I understand what you mean though, I'm happy to go out without makeup on and I often do but I would rather make myself look a bit nicer, theres nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearence :)

  9. You are beautiful both ways. There's nothing shallow about wearing makeup, that's just silly!

  10. You look lush in both photos :)
    There really is nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance and carrying a mirror doesn't make you vain!

  11. You look beautiful both ways xx

  12. Caitlin - Thank you Hunny!!

    Make-up Addict - haha thats silly! See even if you did want to stick your boobs out though who's to say you shouldn't!!

    Jo - ahhhhh shush I'm sure that's not true :D

    Louisa - Yep i'm the same I really hate when I hear 'I can't leave the house without wearing make up' :/

    Lillian - I concur!!

    Hanna Elouise - I know - I think that's the silliest thing I've ever heard!!

    Victoria - Thank yoou :)


  13. you look pretty both ways, let people think what they want they are probably jealous:)

  14. you have beautiful eyebrows :) And you look great without makeup!

  15. You look gorgeous either way! I've found that its whatever makes me feel happy that matters! My parents always complain that I have far too much "black on [my] eyes" and compare me to some old singer who always used to have "panda eyes." But having my panda eyes is the only thing which I can't not do!
    And carrying a mirror around with you is just common sense lol! xx

  16. FaithLea - Thank yoou :)

    BrittanyJoy - Aw thank you! I've started waxing them myself so that's lovely to know!

    Sarah - Ha ha I know I don't think I could ever give up my eyeliner!

  17. Haha yeah - if you've got it, flaunt it! Lol xx


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