Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Some Recent Loves

Hey Dolls :)

This is just a little bit of a mish mash of things that I have recently discovered...

I recently bought M.A.C's Parfait Amour and have been using it lots and lots. As a purple shadow lover I'm not quite sure how this has escaped my attention before...

Parfait Amour is a duo chrome colour so although it is a purple shadow it has pink reflects in it - teamed with Pink Opal forms the ultimate purple/pink tag team! Thanks to Miss Bicky for showing me the error of my ways by not owning Parfait Amour :D

My friend Kirsty and I went into Lush last week for a little wander and I picked up bathos bubble bar...again why have I never owned this before, it smells like parma violets...

I love bathos so much I went back and bought another two - it matches my eyeshadow ha!

Also I had a rather successful trip to Primark where I found these earrings and this be-utiful bag for six pounds!!!

I adore clutch bags and about a year ago I had been eyeing up a bag in River Island that was pretty much identical to this but never ever bought it - I'm so glad I've got this bad boy now! And I always love a bit of gold tack in my life ha!

Here's some pictures of my day at home on Sunday - it was such a fun, beautiful day!

Sunny Drive
Mama Carr

Daisy Chainss

My sister and I used to believe fairies lived in this tree - it was such a good hiding place when our mum was looking for us ha ha!

Old Man Charlie - he's a miniature Schnauzer and can't see through his eyebrows pah ha!

Lots of Love


  1. aw that eyeshadow looks amazing on you! xxx

  2. Oh my gosh you have the most beautiful garden everrrrrrrrr hxx

  3. Tennille - Thanks babe! Purples definitely my eyeshadow colour!

    Heather - I was really lucky when I was wee - it's a shared garden because my mum and dad live in an old converted house thats split into 4 though we were the only children there - I wish I was still wee!


  4. The eyeshadow is gorgeous! It looks fab on you xx

  5. That's such a gorgeous eyeshadow and you have a beautiful garden at home!!


  6. awh cute pics! that eye shadow looks amazing, i really like the bag, great buys! x

  7. Jen - Thanks luv, it has become a firm favorite!

    May - I know - I miss my garden!!

    Kayleigh - I'm excited to take my bag on it's first outing :D


  8. Did you apply it over a dark base or something? It looks amaze in the side prooooo pic. <3

  9. You look lovely in these photies!! =) What a gorgeous day Sunday was, what a gorgeous garden! xx

  10. Bicky - Yep I just appplied it over NYX pencil in slate :D

    Emily - Thank you luv :D I want the sun to come back!


  11. oooh pretty! Parfait Amour looks really nice on you :) Lovely clutch bag too hehe - I certainly didn't spot that at Primark on Sunday or I would have picked one up for myself ;) xx

  12. You look amazing my lovely! Purple suits you so so well ♥ xoxo

  13. what a beautiful garden and house!!
    I love the gold blind haha and the clutch is very pretty xx

  14. Wow purple looks amazing on you! Loving those pictures of sunny days, oh they're so cute. And the clutch bag too! Argh I love everything haha, :) xo

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  16. I really like your top in these pics! The whole look works really well together. And that clutch is a total steal!

  17. Oooh Parfait Amour is a gorgeous colour! And that bag from Primark is just gorgeous, is really Art Deco! I'm useless though and can't handle clutch bags, i need straps or handles! :P
    You have the nicest, friendliest smile!


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