Thursday, 27 September 2012

Origins and Breast Cancer Awareness

Hey Dolls :)

In October, Origins are launching a limited edition pink themed duo of two of their most loved products, 'Make a Difference' and 'Peace of Mind', in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The Duo contains miniature versions of their hand cream, 'Make a Difference' and their 'Peace of Mind'  on the spot relief in limited edition pink packaging, both of which are fitted onto a pink metal clip (I've attached mine to my work I.D badge).  'Make a Difference' is a beautiful hand cream that leaves my hands extremely moisturised and soft without leaving a greasy residue.  It has quite a strong, herbal scent - if you've used Origins products before you will be familiar with the herbal-y scent of their products. Once I have finished this miniature tube, I definitely will purchase the full size version!

'Peace of Mind' has become a cult product for Origins since it's release.  It's an 'on the spot treatment' that contains peppermint, basil and eucalyptus essential oils that are designed to alleviate the build of tension and stress.  I massage a little onto my ear lobes and temples and within a couple of minutes I feel clear headed, awake and much calmer.  I let a co-worker try a little when she felt a headache starting and it disappeared without the need of pain killers! I've already bought Peace of Mind for two of my friends who are pregnant and they have both said that it's helped them slog their way through the grogginess and stress of their first trimester! If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks I can't recommend 'Peace of Mind' enough as it really helps to clear your head and centre your thoughts! My colleagues and I have become completely addicted to it and use it daily when feeling the strain of staring at a computer screen all day!

The duo is priced at £10 and for each duo sold, Origins will donate £2 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  They are available throughout October at all Origins counters nationwide, I'm definitely going to pick up a few - they will make perfect Christmas gifts!

Love Nicola


  1. I really love items that go to a good cause and this set looks great, might pick it up myself :)


  2. You definitely should lady :) x

  3. i love the packaging!! very pretty!


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