Saturday, 22 September 2012

Another Origins Rave

Hey Dolls,

I don't know if I've ever mentioned my love for Origins products (!) and I have recently added another four products that quite rightly deserve rave status on Magic's in the Make Up.

Starting Over Moisturiser and Eye Cream

The Origins Starting Over range is an 'age-erasing' range that uses mimosa tree bark, argan leaf and green algae to help rebuild natural collagen, leaving the appearance of plumper, more radiant skin.  However, the main reason I chose this range is their inclusion of a complex that helps combat dull and uneven skin tones, my biggest skin worry.   

I chose the oil free version of the moisturiser, but you can get the original version if you have a drier skin type.  Its a very lightweight formula that sinks into the skin quickly, though it does tend to leave a slight residue on the skin, making it more suitable to use at night.  When I wake in the morning my skin feels moisturised and extremely smooth. Combined with a more rigorous exfoliating routine, I have found that my skin tone does seem more even - my acne scarring has seen a vast improvement and I feel my skin looks brighter and more 'awake'.

The eye cream is much firmer in formulation and you need the smallest amount of product to cover both eyes.  It sinks into my skin quickly without leaving an oily residue, meaning I can use it both morning and night. In the morning, the cream's light enough that it leaves a smooth base for under eye concealer application.  Reading reviews of Starting Over on, people with more mature skin reported that it really helped with the 'crepey' appearance of their eyelids, with Origins claiming that in clinical tests, 85% of women reported a noticeable difference both in their fine lines and wrinkles and their eye lids.  For me, as a 24 year old, I'm hoping that using Starting Over now will hopefully slow down the appearance of wrinkles!

Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask

Whenever I'm having a bit of a rubbish skin day, I slap on Out of Trouble.  It is a Zinc, Sulphur and Camphor based mask which helps absorb excess oil and slough away dead skin cells.  The next morning any spots, while not completely disappeared, are greatly reduced and any inflammation has been reduced. On top of using it as a face mask once or twice a week, it is also great as an overnight spot treatment.  Its a very thick, white formula that has quite a strong menthol smell.  The first time I smelled Out of Trouble I could tell how get it would be at sucking all the nasties out of my skin.  If you have oily, or acne prone skin I highly recommend this!

Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream

I love this body cream! I hate thick body butters that take ages to sink in, so this whipped body cream is perfect for me.  It is strongly scented with ginger which I love, but there is also a hint of citrus, making it a perfect autumnal/winter scent.  It melts into the skin leaving behind no residue; just perfectly moisturised skin.  I bought this on my lunch break one day (working in a city centre is dangerous for my bank balance) after my friend and I had slapped it on all over our arms at the counter.  We couldn't believe how quickly it sunk in and how smooth it left our skin.  We kept stroking our arms all day! The scent lasts an very long time on the skin, and throughout the day I get little whiffs of ginger.  I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH!!!

As always I would love to hear any of your Origins recommendations, I am in love with this brand!

Love Nicola

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