Thursday, 5 January 2012

From AM to PM

Hey Dolls,

Happy New Year! I hope you've all had a wonderful festive period! 2012 is going to be the year that Magic's in the Make Up makes a proper comeback for me - since graduating I've really struggled to find a good balance between working and blogging. However, I've made a huge list of posts I want to write - I'm really excited!

As I'm now working full time, often the only time I'm able to meet up with friends is straight after work, and so, I've had to master the art of taking my day make up into the evening without hauling my whole collection into work with me.  This is how I looked yesterday morning before leaving for work...

On my face I'm wearing Chanel Mat Lumiere (sob, chanel why are you discontinuing this?), Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder, Dior Original Tan in Honey Tan and Dior Amber Diamond. On my eyes is M.A.C's All That Glitters and a Clinique gel liner and on my lips Chanel's Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in 287. This really is a ten minute face that I can pretty much do in my sleep!

Last night, I met my old flatmate for dinner straight after work and so had to touch up my face ever so glamourously in my work toilets in about ten minutes.  Here's how I looked when I got home (I did touch up my lipstick a little)

All I did was apply M.A.C's smoulder to my water line, a little of Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in doll face to my cheeks and lined my lips with Estee Lauder's Double Wear lip pencil in Fuchsia matched with Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in L'Exuberante (still my favourite).  Estee Lauder's lip pencils are amazing for travelling with as it is double ended - at one end there is the pencil and at the other is a lip brush.  I use a travel size M.A.C 138 to apply my blush and the tarte blush is also travel sized, meaning I don't have to cart around lots of make up and brushes.  I'd love to know what your make up must haves are for taking your daytime make up into the evening?

Lots of Love 

P.S Since writing the title of this post I've been listening to old Christina Milian Songs - so good!!


  1. You look lovely! Haha got to love a bit of Christina Milian! xx

  2. I love both looks. I am often found touching up my make-up in the work loos - I love bright lipstick to take me from "work mode" to "social mode". x

  3. Aw you look gorgeous! Oh god I LOVE that song, might have to go and look it up now...

  4. That blush is gorgeous! It looks so natural!

  5. With the title of your post I was singing am to pm all the way through reading your post and now you've taken me right back with dip it low now.. POP POP POP that thang ;) hahaha
    Again, your eyebrows look amaze and that tarte blush looks gorgeous! xx


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