Saturday, 3 September 2011

Shu Uemura Love!

Hey Dolls,

This week. my friend Kirsty asked where the best place was to buy amazing false lashes.  In my mind when it comes to lashes, there is only one counter that delivers both amazing products and service - Shu Uemura.  If you haven't ever bought a pair of shu lashes before, I can't recommend them enough - they last up to ten applications, the first time you buy your lashes they are trimmed to fit your eye and each time you want to wear your lashes, you can ring up the counter and they will apply them for you free of charge (everytime I've done this, they also do my eye make up for me too!).  My favourite pair are the smoky layers. On this visit to the Shu Uemura counter, I finally gave in and bought one of their most famous products - their eyelash curler.

I was always a little dubious about how different these curlers could be compared to others I had tried - I was wrong! The hinge of the curler is patented and feels quite stiff when used, gripping all of my lashes and applying a lot of pressure without 'crimping' my lashes.  Shu uemura describe the curve of the curler as 'mushroom' shaped...

This again helps to grip all of my lashes - even the baby lashes in the corner! What I love most about the lash curlers is, my mascara doesn't have to work as hard...I've only had to apply one coat of mascara each morning and with the help of Shu's curlers, this looks like the equivalent of 2 or 3 coats - it's another of my lazy girl must haves! I've included before and after shots below...

As you can see, in the bottom photograph, my lashes appear longer with a natural curl - there is no perceptible line where the curler has been applied and my lashes are curled rather than pointing at an angle- all problems I've found using other curlers.  The secret to this is,once you've positioned the curler, hold it in place for a couple of second in an outwards and upwards direction and repeating this several times.

These have now beome a part of my daily beauty routine, I think I'd be a bit lost without them! If you're curious, go and have a chat with one of the staff at a counter, they'll be more than happy to demonstrate them on you! The only drawback for me is when I wear my glasses my lashes bounce against them - I'm definitely not complaining!

Lots of Love


  1. I love my Shu curlers! I find they do crimp my eyelashes if I only curl them in one spot, but my curls last forever when I use them, and I love how gentle they are :) Although I don't think they'd work for everyone cuz of the shape!

  2. I also use my Shu curlers every day, they're amazing! I never knew that about the false eyelashes, that is great service on their part. Thanks for that little tip! :)


  3. Yu - I can't believe how long the curl lasts! And you're right they don't tug or pull at the lashes! I hadn't really thought about them that way that as they worked so well on both mine and Kirsty's lashes and we have really different shaped eyes, though looking at them now you're right! I definitely think it would be best for anyone buying them to try them first!

    Sarah - You're welcome! And you can go to any counter not only the one you purchased the lashes from!


  4. I've only just bought my first ever pair of curlers - eep I know, terrible beauty blogger! haha. You've almost convinced me I need to upgrade immediately hehe!

    That's also amazing service from Shu with the eyelash thing!


  5. I've never really thought that I needed curlers before, but after seeing this I may need to think again. Your lashes look fab! xo

  6. Your lashes do look amazing. I love my Shu, too! I wish they were easier to get in the US. I don't think we have any Shu counters but the service sounds amazing. Great post :D

  7. I need to check these out :) xx

  8. My shu uemura curlers are a definite in my make up bag!. And i didnt even know about their lashes. might be checking them out next time im in selfridges. Thank you for the heads up :)) xo

  9. i must be screwing up the way i use eyelash curlers but i can NEVER get it right! It either hurts or my eyelashes end up looking vertical :'( sad times! xx


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