Sunday, 25 September 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Hey Dolls

Autumn weather is creeping in and I'm so excited!! I am not a summer person - I get grumpy when I'm too warm, I like to wear a lot of black and hats and scarves are some of my favourite accessories.  Over the last two weeks, I can really feel the seasons begin to change - in the morning it smells like autumn! This has led me to think about what my personal Autumn/Winter trends are going to be...

Fur Trimmed

In winter, I love anything with a fur collar, so when I spotted this fur stole in H&M for £12 I actually did a little jump of excitment! It is so soft and has a crocodile clip which attatches itself securely without mauling any of your jackets and clothes.  It not only looks lovely attached to the collars of coats and jackets but also worn on top of dresses as I've done here - it completely changes how it looks! I think this colour fur looks particuarly pretty with cream! If you don't want to buy a new winter coat this year, I think this would be a perfect way of changing up your old ones!

Chunky Gold Accessories

I am a gold girl at heart and these are two of my current favourite gold accessories.  The necklace is from Topshop, I think it was around £16.  It looks amazing with quite a high necked black body con dress I have - it almost makes it look like the dress has a metal collar attached! I got my gold Michael Kors watch as a graduation present. It pretty much hasn't been off my wrist - If you're deliberating over getting one DO IT - you won't regret it!

Black and Dramatic

Make up wise, it's the darker the better. I pretty much skip over all autumnal colours and go straight for dark brown and black eye make up with big lashes and even bigger brows.  The longer I've blogged, the more focused I've become on eye brows - it's now one of the first things I notice about people!  As ever with my hair - the bigger the better! Black eyeliner and Dust It will be my best friends forever <3

What are your personal Autumn/Winter trends going to be?

Love Nic


  1. You're so pretty, I love the make up.
    I am completely the same with eyebrows, it's the first thing I notice on everyone!
    Love the fur stole, I've not found a winter coat yet so maybe I will just buy this and make my old coat look new :)

  2. your makeup is lovely!

  3. You look gorgeous, love the eye makeup :) great post too, love fur :) xx

  4. I totally love this makeup, you look stunning! With the furry collar and mention of Winter, I realized I think you look like Snow White <3

  5. I just found your blog and i love it. your so pretty and your makeup is flawless!

    I think I have MK watch as you! Great taste, lol.


  6. Nic, I love your eye makeup! It looks so perfect. I wish I could do dramatic as well as you! Loving your A/W style :D xx

  7. You're so super pretty, Nic! Gorgeous make up, pretty girly! x

  8. Your eyes are absolutely gorgeous :) ♥

  9. You look gorgeous. love your make-up and the watch xx

  10. Your eye make-up looks amazing. Love your strong brows too, I always notice people's eyebrows! x

  11. Charlotte - Thank you so much! Honestly I think you should, it's only £12!!

    mw - Thank you :)

    Misseblog - Thank you lovely

    Sarah - awww I wish ha!!! Maybe that should be my halloween costume!!

    Jane - thank you so much lady! Hehe I have my eye on the rose gold now :D

    Kim - I'm sure you could love! You probs just need to get used to darker make up more than anything!

    Temp Sec - Thats so lovely thank you :)

    Elle - Thank you!!

    Vicky - Thanks sweets

    Lily - I love big brows!!! It really is the first thing I notice!

  12. You look fab, Nic! I love the necklace, the fur trim, and your makeup in this post. I'm loving animal print accents, faux fur, and shearling for fall. Is that the Rose Gold watch by Michael Kors? If it is, I have that one too and love it! I think it's going to transition through the seasons really nicely. :)

  13. I agree about the makeup... the darker, the better, indeed! I shall also be wearing black eyeshadow more than usual this season.

  14. Aww you areso cute very beuatiful eyes :)
    Follow Back Please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  15. Great post! I'm super excited about autumn too, summer weather just bugs me! Time to bring out the hats, scarves and chunky jumpers, yaaay :) You look lovely by the way <3

  16. you look so cute! your eyebrows are gorgeous!

  17. Thanks everyone:)

    Jess - it's just the gold but I have my eye on the rose gold! When I bought it, I had the gold on one wrist and the rose gold on the other I couldn't decide!!

  18. I'm in love with your make-up in those pictures!! What eyelashes did you use? xxx

  19. Thank you! There are Ardell 101 :) xx

  20. I love your dramatic eye makeup hun, always looking so good!
    The chunky gold accesories must be my fav trend at the moment :) x


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