Thursday, 19 July 2012

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Hey Dolls :)

I love perfume.  I can spend hours mooching around perfume stands and my bag is often full of old perfume sample cards.  This love of perfume often leads to being given lots of perfume on birthdays and Christmas and, more often than not, these are miniature sets .

As much as I love getting miniature sets, I always find them difficult to use up - I think this is because they don't come in spray bottles.  I would very rarely pick up a bottle of perfume I can dab on over one that I can spritz. 

After a quick google session, I found the Kingsley Mini Crystal Purse Atomiser which has been amazing for helping me use up my miniatures.

The Kingsley atomiser carries 5ml of perfume, which is the general volume of miniatures, in a small crystal bottle.  The cap does feel a little cheap but to be honest I wasn't expecting much as it only cost £3!  The atomiser dispenses a fine mist of perfume meaning that none is wasted.

Most of the atomisers I found where similar to the travelo, where you decant the perfume into the bottle by using the pump on the perfume bottle.  However, the Kingsley atomiser comes with a tiny funnel that fits perfectly into the neck of the bottle, making refilling easy and spillage free!

The atomiser only cost me £3 and while it doesn't feel like a luxury product, it doesn't feel ridiculously cheap either (the gold cap aside).  If you're looking for an affordable atomiser to either solve your miniature bottle problems, or to simply help lighten up your handbag, this is a brilliant, affordable option! I got mine from Amazon here.

Love Nicola


  1. I never seem to use up perfume samples that don't have tiny spritzers on them, either, so I usually toss them. I love it when you get a little sample vial with a spritzing nozzle :)

  2. OMG! I saw the mini Dior perfume set at the airport Duty Free recently and nearly picked it up! But I just thought I could never finish a mini since there's no spritzer :(

  3. Great find with the Kingsley Atomiser :) Check out the dube I've found for Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.


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