Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Winter Brrrrrrr

Hello :)

I'm so excited that winter's kicking in, I love winter and all the snuggly clothes and dark make up that comes with it. Sadly in Scotland our winters seem to be more wet and miserable rather than cold and crisp which is why i'm so excited to be going to New York for a week in December. In preperation, I've been looking out for some bargains to take away with me to keep warm. I'm a total hat person so when I spotted this grey hat and glove set I had to have them. They were only £5 each from Asda! Queue silly photos...

I love the bright pink lovehearts :)

Let me know if you've found any other wooly bargains

Lots of Love
Nicola xx


  1. Ahh they are so adorable! You look so cute in them :) I may have to get some now

  2. Cute gloves! I want some :) xx

  3. Thanks lovelys! I can't believe how many lovely sets Asda had! XX

  4. so adorable! my boyfriend is from Scotland and is always telling me how WET it is rather than cold and refreshing haha. but i love new york SO much that i'm excited for you to go! lol

  5. i love them i saw the gloves in magazine last week and have wanted them ever since! might take a trip tonight you have pursuaded me!!


  6. @Chelsea Ha thats cool your boyfriend is Scottish, def the best way to describe Glasgow is...gray!! Did I read you're going back to New York for your birthday? I'm getting so excited!

    @hannah A few of my friends had said they had seen them in a magazine too, def get them they're good as not only are they cute but they're two pairs of gloves so you can switch it up :D

  7. yeah he's def from Glasgow! and HOPEFULLY i'm going back to New York for my birthday! i mean those are the plans as of now anyway...fingers crossed! lol


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