Friday, 6 November 2009

Shopping :)

Hello :)

How is everyone?? Today I met my besties for a trip to the cinema, we went to see Fantastic Mr Fox, has anyone seen it?? It's so so wierd but hilarious, though we were the only ones laughing ha ha. Also we went and prebooked our New Moon tickets.

Anyways, I managed to fit in a spot of shopping (Sadly no make up) as I was only allowed to go to Topshop and Accesorize :(. Anyway, I got a few things that I wanted to show you...

I got this cardi from Topshop, I think it was about £25, I love it, I think the bows are dead cute! I then had to run to Accesorize as I wanted some new hair clips...

I love the look of red clips against dark hair, I think my favourites are the roses but I love the swallow too. I also managed to sneak two necklaces into my basket, recently i've been layering delicate gold chains, I think it looks so pretty so I got two more to add to my collection :)

How sweet is the little russian doll? Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend, I'm working tomorrow but have Sunday off for my mum's birthday, what are your plans??

Lots of Love
Nic xx


  1. aAAAw Accessorize <3 :(
    I Need to go shopping tomorrow :S

    lovely blog :D
    following :D

  2. Hey, thank you!!!! I love Accesorize at the minute it has so many lovely things!! xx

  3. ohh how i love topshop!
    you've got yet ANOTHER blog award waiting for you at my blog. lol!



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