Sunday, 22 November 2009

Bag Love

Hello :)

For the last month I have been trying to track down the most bee-utifull bag from River Island which I spotted when doing some window shopping a while ago. I recently got my quarterly bonus so decided to treat myself and alas I couldn't find it anywhere...untill today!!!!! It was the last one in the shop and properly cheered me up on this horribly rainy day...

Note the Jonathan Creek Boxset and Wii remote, the ways to kill time when there's coursework to do!

I think it is my version of bag was £44.99 from River Island if anyone wants to snap it up. With the amount of love I feel for it, it pays for itself :).

I'd love to see or hear about everyone elses bag heavens :)

Lots of Love
Nicola xx


  1. I love river island bags & im glad you found it :)


  2. very unsual but lovely bag :)

    In response to your question, this is the only China Glaze polish I have used, but I'd say the consistency of this one is fairly runny but easy to apply. The brush is quite long and thin but I personally find the brush easier to use than most other polishes. In comparison to my other polishes such as Barry M, Collection 2000, Bourjous *the one with the long handle* and some others this is by the best I have used.

    Sorry for the mini essay haha. Hope that helps a little xxx

  3. Oh and I forgot it dries super fast :) x


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