Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A Spot of Shopping

Hello :)

I hope everyone's having a good week so far!! Today I had the day off of Uni so decided to do a spot of shopping. I originally went to try and find a dress to wear to Lily Allen (and I was successful yay!) but managed to get sidetracked in boots and lush...I really am quite lucky that Nick is so sensible with money, I am terrible and have absolutely no will power whatsoever when it comes to pretty things!!

I popped into lush to have a quick look at their christmas line and I ended up leaving with...

Big Shampoo: I have never really been a fan of any Lush shampoo, particularly none of the solid shampoos but I've read so many good things about Big that I'm going to give it a shot...I love the smell and I'm so intrigued as it looks more like a body scrub than a shampoo, i'll let you all know how I get on.
American Cream Conditioner: Hands down my favourite Lush product ever. This conditioner is probably my idea of smell heaven, it's a lovely vanilla smell but doesn't come across as that horrible synthetic vanilla type scent you often get. It is also a miracle worker, after using it, you hair is wonderfully soft and shiny, genuinely I can't recommend this conditioner enough, even Nick got excited when I brought it home today haha!
Snow Fairy: It's the cult Lush Christmas product, at first smell, snow fairy can come across as sickeningly sweet but once it lathers up the smell really calms down...lovely! Also, i noticed that you can now get a solid perfume and a bath melt in the snow fairy scent so you can smell fairy-like the whole year round!!
Lil Lush Pud: Such a cute little bath bomb, usually I prefer the bath melts but I couldn't resist how cute this little bomb was, it has such a lovely, slightly spicy scent, everytime I walk past my bathroom I keep poking my head in to have a sniff!!

I also popped into Boots and The body Shop...

In The Body Shop I picked up a kabuki brush as my m.a.c one has disappeared :(. The Body Shop one is wonderfully soft and I'm really looking forward to trying it out with my MSF Natural tomorrow. In Boots I visited the benefit counter and picked up their One Hot Minute Powder. It's such a beautiful powder and gives a gorgeous sheen to the skin. It's described as a rose gold though as with many benefit products it is a little pricey at about £23 :|. Finally, i've been on the lookout for a new night cream, I'm really happy with my morning cleansing routine as i've been using the Liz Earle system however I just couldn't find a night cream I liked. After all the love the botanics range has been getting I decided to pick up their night cream so again I'll let you know what I think!!

Finally, I just wanted to show you the birthday card my sister bought for my mum, it made me giggle for about 10 minutes (sorry about the picture, my flash refused to turn off)

I LOVE sums up Gill's sense of humour perfectly!!!

Lots of Love
Nic xxx


  1. Nice Haul, I wish I had a lush near to me , they keep making so much nice stuff :) xoxo

  2. Thank you! You should order some things online, when it gets delivered instead of using plastic and things to package it with, it's popcorn :D xx

  3. I love Snow Fairy - it smells soooo good. xx

  4. i love ur blog >_< so many cute things >_<

    haha i feel like shopping when i saw ur topshop top

    lol.. my friend bought the same top.. it's so cute

    i'm so jealous >_< but i dont want to buy the same top as my friend.. hehehe

  5. i love "Lush" products, lol actually my boyfriend introduce me to them...haha ps i'm jealous you get to see Lily! xo

  6. Hello Everyone!! There's so much love for lush just now :D Ha my friends and I always have the same clothes as each other as we all have similar tastes, we all have to coordinate with one another each morning!

    Oh and i'm so excited to see Lily, total clothes and hair envy!! xx

  7. Great haul you got some fab goodies, I love Lush too Snow Fairy is sooo yummy, Im like you I have no will power whats so ever if I see something I like I have to have it lol

  8. Snow fairy is amazing its just so annoying that it sells out quite quickly!! xx

  9. Hi, youre blog is lovely, only just found it :')
    American cream is GORGEOUS, one of my favourite products too :')
    Snow fairy smell makes me feel a bit ill though, too sweet for me haha xx


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