Monday, 9 November 2009


Hello :)

I've been experimenting with my hair extensions recently now that my hair is back to my normal colour and I am beginning to like them more and more! I've been using the infamous clip-inz and i've got to say believe the hype! They're probably the best extensions i've ever used but I wont bore you with a review as I think it's all been said before :D

In this picture I used my babylis conical wand which I really am loving as it gives you waves rather than curls! I'm no expert on hair but I think styling extensions in this way makes them appear a lot more natural? I'm going to continue to style my extensions using different tools and I would love if you all could tell me what you think?

Also, for anyone who owns extensions, how on earth do you store them? Mine are currently hanging on a coat hanger :/ Surely there's got to be a better way ha ha ha!?!?

Lots of Love
Nic xx


  1. i love your cardigan!

    too bad we don't have topshop ine my country..

  2. ^^speaking of TopShop...i went there while i was in NYC and fell in love love LOVE.

    i love the necklace and cardigan! and the hair! i definitely think that styling extensions that way makes them look more natural. i'm dying to try a conical wand because i've heard so many good things about them!


  3. Thank you both!! Do they not deliver to your country? :(

    That conical wand was quite cheap, about £25 pounds and I use it allllll the time!!! I'm quite excited about going to the NY topshop as it's meant to have a lot of the same things as the Oxford St one which is a-mazing!!! xx

  4. I want some clip-inzzz, did you order them online? I really want to test them out first..I love wavy hair, but can never fully achieve it, you look really pretty with it :)


  5. hello thank you!! Yeah I just ordered them online, why don't you just get one track to see if you like them? I don't think one is too expensive :D xx


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