Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Cupcake :)

Hello :)

Hope everyone's having a good evening! I'm just going to do a quick review on Lush's fresh face mask cupcake. I have been a lover of Lush for a long long time (thanks to my lovely friend Cheryl) and Cupcake has always been one of my favourite Lush goodies!! Cupcake is one of the most gorgeous smelling face masks I have tried and I always end up repurchasing it! On the tub it reads

'Chocolate heaven for oily and teenage skin: Its action removes excess oils and calms breakouts. Rhassoul Mud cleans and soothes. Cocoa butter, Linseed and cocoa Poweder soften the skin. Balancing pepermint, Spearmint and Sandalwood oils complete this effective and delicious experience.'

I usually use Cupcake when i'm having a pampering sesh in the bath. I slap it on, leave for 10 minutes and then remove with warm water and a natural sponge. It is not an invigarating mask where after your skin feels squeeky clean, rather it's more soothing and moisturising.

Ha ha sexual! And yes I forgot to take my eyeliner off! Cupcake is everything I want in a face mask, it's gooey and messy, totally reminds me of sleepovers I used to have when I was 12. We would find the messiest face mask possible and take lots of silly photos. As always, you do have to keep the mask in the fridge and it can be a bit messy to use but I think that's part of the fun. If you haven't tried it, Cupcake's a brilliant first Lush face mask, purely if it is for the smell yum!

Hope everyone had a brilliant halloween, I was working on the Sunday so just had a quiet night in the flat with Nick, homemade toffee apples and the Lost Boys (I loved the 80's hair!). I'm more excited about bonfire night, i'll be spending it at the big display on Glasgow Green, gloves and sparklers at the ready!!

Lots of Love
Nic xx


  1. all this Lush talk..makes me feel as though i'm (obviously) missing out on something spectacular! lol


  2. ps - i've nominated you for an award on my blog!


  3. i really want to try this...! nearly bought it the other day, i really want to love lush xxx


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