Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Best of the Drugstore

Hello :)

Taking a break from essay writing to share my drugstore favorites. I have only included five but could have went on and on so I may do another one soon :)


I LOVE bastiste. This is the diva version but my favorite is probably the tropical one. I love bastiste for 'in between' days, when i'm at the gym and also to add volume to my hair on a night out. I really want to try the new shampoo for dark hair avoiding 'granny hair', has anyone else tried it?

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze

I adore this fake tan. When I have the money, I do like St Tropez and Xen tan though being honest, I actually like the colour of sublime and you can find it for under £10. However, the only downside to the tan is it does carry quite a strong biscuity smell.

Barry M Dazzle Dusts

Playing and experimenting with dazzle dusts and pigments is one of my favorite cures for boredom. Dazzle Dusts have been a favourite of mine ever since I got an 'Eat My Dazzle Dust' sticker free with a copy of Bliss years and years ago ha ha. These three colours are three of my to bottom 27 Gold Iridescent, 53 Chocolate and 52 Silver Brown.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

I switch mascaras so often and barely stick to the same one twice with the exception of Benefit's Bad Gal Lash. Saying that, this is my second tube in a row of must be love! On my first wearing false effect someone asked if I was wearing false lashes...Speaks for itself really!

Gosh Brushes

I have bought all of the gosh brushes and I really do think they are amazing quality. Sorry, I couldn't take a picture of all my brushes, they're dryin after a good ol' wash. I really love the angled liner brush and the two pictured above and would definitely recommend them. The only one I would not recommened is the duo fibre brush as it sheds like mad!

I'd love to hear your drugstore favourites!!

Lots of Love
Nicola xx


  1. That silver brown barry m dazzle dust is gorgeous !
    I only have one dazzle dust because when i go to look, there are too many to choose from, so i don't end up buying any :P lmao.. lame excuse i know :)

  2. Ha I know you're so spoiled with choice with colours, you should def get the silver brown, its such a lovely colour! xx

  3. Hello! Lovely blog =)
    Even though drugstore isn't as cheap as you'd expect here, I really do like Maybelline for its Dream Mousse Blush, Shadows (which have improved greatly!) and polishes. Then Rimmel London mascaras & glosses.

  4. i love the brush for this mascara, I havent tried it yet, but Ive felt the brush walking past the tester in the shops!! Its like similar to Lash Blast mascara, I can imagine the False Last Effect would separate and lengthen the lashes nicely :) However I wonder if it volumizes too?? That would be like a wonder mascara!

  5. See I think that's why I love false lash effect, the brush is so BIG! I hate plastic wands :/ xxx


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