Sunday, 30 October 2011

Shaun Leane and Rox

Hey Dolls,

I was recently invited to an event to celebrate and learn more about Shaun Leane's jewellry line available at Rox.  Even if Shaun's name is unfamiliar to you, I'm sure you will be acquainted with some of his designs - do you remember Sarah Jessica Parker's amazing tartan Alexander McQueen dress with the beautiful brooch? That's a Shaun Leane jewelry design (I was lucky enough to see the brooch in person - amazing!). The night was a whirlwind of cocktails, mingling and beautiful jewelry.

Me and one of my best friends Lynsey with fellow blogger Anna and her friend Laura.

The highlight of the event was Michelle from Kingdom of Style's Q&A session (you can read all about her experience here). Through this, we learned all about his close friendship with Alexander McQueen and consequently the influence this had on his work to the multitude of meanings people have taken from his designs.  Shaun used his 'Hook my Heart' necklace as an example of a piece that could be seen as quite dark but also beautiful and romantic.  I absolutely loved hearing more about his collaboration with Daphne Guinness in making this absolutely beautiful diamond glove which you can read about here.

Mentally spending my next 3546748 years wages!

Shaun was such an interesting and funny speaker and I could of listened to his stories for hours! His designs are absolutely stunning, Lynsey and I had to drag ourselves away from the gold talon earrings and gold and turquoise bangle...

Thank you so much to Toni for inviting me, both Lynsey and I had such a lovely time - it was such an amazing opportunity to hear the stories behind the jewellery!


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  1. These are stunning pieces. Someday when I'm moneybags, fo sho :-P


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