Friday, 7 October 2011

Ballet Shoes

Hey Dolls

Does anyone remember the Noel Streatfeild Shoe Books - dancing shoes, skating shoes, party shoes? Ballet Shoes was always my favourite - -my copy is ridiculously worn out but I love it more each time I read it.  After going to see The Scottish Ballet's Autumn Double Bill, Kings 2 Ends and Pennies From Heaven I was inspired to read it again the next day!

Jorma Elo's brand new work, Kings 2 Ends, which was created for the Edinburgh International Festival, meshes together Mozart's Violin Concerto No 1 and Steve Reich's Double Sextet in the one piece - the choreography was so fun and colourful that both my friend Clare and I didn't take our eyes from the stage.  What I loved most about Kings 2 Ends was that the interpretation of the dance was left to the individuals in the audience.  It was lighthearted and fresh and the hour zoomed past so quickly! It has also inspired me to incorporate a tiaras into my wardrobe ha!

The second half of the double bill, Ashley Page's Pennies from Heaven, though completely different, incorporated the same sense of fun and excitement I felt watching Kings 2 Ends.  Pennies from Heaven is inspired by 1930s music and cinema - throughout the performance, Clare kept whispering in my ear which films the different scenes reminded her of.  Again, I couldn't take my eyes from the stage as the different love stories unfolded - my personal favourite was the bell hop and the cinema cigarette girl - their dance was so playful and fun that I couldn't help but smile the whole way through.  Here is one of my favourite songs from the production (though a different version to what was used on the night)

The costumes were absolutely beautiful - I felt rather drab set against the old hollywood glamour of swishing ballgowns and beautiful tailored suits. 

Everytime I go to see a Scottish Ballet performance I always worry a little as I know nothing about the technical side of ballet.  However, each time, I leave in awe at how the dancers are able to move their bodies in such amazing ways.  Particularly with this bill, Clare and I left gushing about how much fun we had - it was one of the most entertaining and refreshing ways to spend an evening!

Thanks again to Ann for an amazing night - You can catch Kings 2 Ends along with another Scottish Ballet production, Song of the Earth, at Sadler's Wells in London on the 3-4 November.  If you're able to , go!

Lots of Love


  1. hey girl, so glad you enjoyed the night, was lovely to see you again :)

    and you picked one of my favourite songs from the piece too!


  2. Oooh theater and ballet in the U.K. <3 When I was in London for 5 days I saw two productions!


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