Sunday, 23 October 2011

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet L'Exuberante

Hey Dolls :)

I have always tended to stay away from matte lipsticks - for someone with oily skin, my lips are quite dry and flaky meaning matte formulas have always scared me a little.  After telling anyone who will listen about my love for Chanel's Rouge Allure lipsticks, I was quite excited to hear about their new release - the Rouge Allure Velvet. 

 (Sorry about the brush marks, I couldn't wait to take photographs!)

Chanel describe the rouge allure velvet lipsticks as a luminous matte finish. I wasn't too sure what too expect when I went to swatch them at the Chanel counter, however they are really smooth, pigmented and surprisingly light on the lips. I think Chanel got it right with the name - they feel extrememly velvety. As they are silicone based, the formula feels really moisturising on my lips - as long as I've applied a little lip balm  it doesn't settle into the lines or exaggerate any dry areas and the colour lasts for hours!  

There are eight shades in the range, all of which are quite bold colours - I chose a beautiful bright pink called L'Exuberante.  In the summer, counters are full of really pretty but sheer formulas such as the YSL Volupte Sheer Candies and the Rouge Coco Shines, making the Rouge Allure Velvet's an amazing step into autumn/winter make up. 

Have you had a look at the rouge allure velvets? What are your other matte lipstick recommendations?

Lots of Love


  1. I hadn't heard of these, it looks great. As always I'd *die* for your hair, girl! I love cheap-as-chips Wet n Wild megalast matte lipsticks. Unfortunately they're not available outside of the U.S. to my knowledge :( But they're amazing, if you can get just about any color I've loved all of the 7 I've tried!

  2. I'm another oily skin, dry flakey lips person so I'm also terrified of matte lipsticks. But these look lovely, going to make a stop at chanel tomorrow. Thanks for sharing x

  3. I have #33 which I love.. It's the perfect nude for me.. And i'm amazed at the formula.. Pretty long lasting I must say.. Try illamasqua lipsticks.. They're matte and very long lasting

  4. I have yet to try this line but this shade looks lovely on you.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. This color looks so girly :) but I feel like it is a cool tone pink?

  6. Lovely, really suits you hun :) xxx

  7. oh I'd like to try it !!! *_*


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