Sunday, 6 November 2011

Goodbye Undereye Circles

Hey Dolls,

I have never been particularly bothered by undereye circles until recently - they now seem to grow darker the older I get.  When I asked on twitter which products people recommended me to try and combat my dark circles, Bobbi Brown seemed to come out top.  I'm not quite sure why, but Bobbi Brown has never been a company that has interested me much.  However, I am now officially a convert! 

With the exception of my Japonesque concealer brush (Am I the last to know that Japonesque is available in Boots?), my entire undereye routine is composed of Bobbi Brown products - the hydrating eye cream as a base, the corrector in bisque and the creamy concealer in Natural. 

The hydrating eye cream is one of the nicest eye creams I have ever used.  It looks quite heavy in the pot, however it feels light on the skin and absorbs quickly, leaving behind a smooth velvet-like base for my concealer.  Importantly, it is quite a basic cream, it won't make any differences to how your dark circles look and has no anti-aging properties, which for me, makes it perfect for day wear (I prefer my Origins Perfect World for eyes at night).  Concealer application is so much smoother used over this cream and I've found it helps to stop my concealer slipping throughout the day!

I then use the corrector in bisque which cancels out the blue/pink tones of my undereye circles. I think this has been the key to combatting my dark shadows - the product is extremely creamy and a little goes a long way.  On me, it's a touch too pink toned however, when used in conjunction with the creamy concealer in Natural, it's the perfect match! The concealer is thick but not as creamy as the corrector and covers any imperfections perfectly, lasting all day.  



The middle picture demonstrates the amount of product I use, I apply the most in the darkest areas defore pulling and blending the corrector/concealer out to the rest of my undereye area.

Are there any Bobbi Brown products that you recommend?



  1. I have the worst under eye circles, I'm on the hunt for something new so i'll definitely be checking these out. X

  2. Awesome! I really need to pick up a new concealer. Ahhhh.

  3. I've not tried any Bobbi Brown products before but this looks great. x

  4. Oh I love Bobbi Brown and this concealer looks pretty dreamy. Sick of looking so knackered all the time! xx

  5. Thanks for sharing. Nice to know this concealer works for you.:D

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