Sunday, 13 November 2011


Hey Dolls,

I went to have dinner with my family last night, and as we were sitting munching on the most amazing millionaire shortcake, I realised I was wearing the same type of pearl earrings as my mum.  When I pointed this out, I then noticed my Gran was also wearing a smaller version of the same earrings! This got me thinking about inspiration.  When developing a sense of personal style, do we look to those around us for inspiration?

This is how I looked last night.  When I was 17, I went through a skinny, barely their, round eyebrow phase.  I repeatedly laughed at my Mum's larger, arched brow shape, constantly telling her she needed some tweezers in her life.  Six years on, and our eyebrows are pretty much identical.  Also, for as long as I can remember, my mum has lined her upper lid with black eyeshadow.  Whilst I prefer gel liner, I can't help but feel my love for winged liner comes from my mum. 

I suppose it makes sense that I am influenced by my mum's beauty style without realising it. She was the first person I ever observed putting on make up.  However, I feel I gain inspiration from lots of different places.  I can't help it, I love everything about the Kardashian's style - dark hair, dark eyes, blazers, blouses and blush.

In recent years, blogging has influenced my enormously.  Daily I am able to open my dashboard and read so many amazing posts that can't help but inspire.  It is how you incorporate these influences into an ever evolving sense of style that I find so interesting! If ever I'm ever feeling a little lost fashion or make up wise, some of my favourite bloggers to turn to include Alex, Tiffany, Zara and Laura. 

I would love to know who inspires you?
Love Nicola


  1. Lovely, simple make-up and gorgeous hair!

  2. Gorgeous look! It looks very classic :-)

  3. Hey hun, I have awarded you a blog award!!


  4. Thanks everyone!

    I'll go have a look now kelly :) x

  5. I think this look is so classic and flattering, like Audrey Hepburn's makeup.

  6. Aww, Nic, I loved this post! Sorry I'm late on commenting. I'm inspired by a lot of my blogging ladies as well, you included! And I used to play with my mom's makeup all the time...without her knowing, of course! :)


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