Sunday, 23 January 2011

Some Recent Hair Care Discoveries

Hey Dolls :)

Over the last couple of weeks I've discovered a couple of new amazing products for my hair that I wanted to share with you all.

1. Argan Secret Hair Elixir

I recently went a wander round Sally's with my friend Clare which is where I found argan secret. Argan oil is something that has always intrigued me but for some reason I've never taken the plunge and tried it. However, when I saw that this serum used both argan oil and hemp oil I immediately wanted to try it. I think the thought of using an oil on my hair always sounded a little finnicky and messy where as I hoped the oil in a serum would be much easier to use. I've been using this serum on my hair everyday (I've gone back to hairwashing daily) and honestly it is brilliant! Firstly, I've noticed that the time it actually takes my hair to blowdry has been cut in half. The serum adds a tremendous amount of shine and leaves me with a frizz-free do. Consistency wise, it's a clear serum that feels so silky and smooth...

However, as with all serums, if too much is used it can verge on the greasy side. Scent wise the serum is amazing, a lovely sweetened vanilla. On days like today (PJ days) I end up applying lots to the ends of my hair to add some much needed moisture which works really well too. Argan Secret is £15.00 from Sally's.

2. Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Mist

After using the TreSemme heat protection spray for a good couple of years, I felt it was time for a change. The colour and scent of Lee Stafford products always pull me in and so I decided to try their flat iron mist. I don't really know if there's much you can say about a heat protectant other than it works! It doesn't leave my hair greasy and dries really quickly so I can get on with styling my hair. Plus it smells amazing!

3. Aussie Mega Instant Shampoo and Conditioner

As I've said before I have really oily hair meaning I need to use a really lightweight shampoo and conditioner - In boots Aussie hair care is 2 for £6 at the moment and honestly it is the best lightweight shampoo and conditioner I have tried. It leaves my hair so soft and shiny without weighing it down and they both smell delightful!

I seem to have bought these products all on a whim but honestly my hair hasn't been as soft or shiny in such a long time!

Lots of Love


  1. Ooh I've always wanted to try Argan oil.. I'm gonna try and see if they sell that Argan Secret in London! Great post!

    -Sriya xx

  2. love argan oil.for the skeen is the best!!!

  3. Ohhh I really want to try an argan oil hair product, I'm going to google it see what I can find =) xxx

  4. The argan serum sounds lovely. I went to sallys the other day and they wouldn't let me buy anything saying they were now trade only! Grr.
    Back to washing everyday hey! I do try not too but honestly didn't really notice any difference! xx

  5. That oil sounds amazing! Might have to try and find myself some!

  6. Great post, lady!

    I think I need Argan oil in my life. xx

  7. Sriya - I hope you can find it!! I know you can buy it online if you google!

    Modniza - Ohh I'll need to try it for that!

    Karleigh - did you find it?? You have lovely shiny hair anyway!

    Emily - Ughh that's so annoying, I heard more and more are turning trade :( And I'm exactly the same I didn't notice any difference at all!

    Emma Jade - I can't recommend it enough - it's instant shiny-ness!

    Designer Spray - Thank you :) You definitely do!!!


  8. Great post. I love the Aussie range too.

    Sadie x

  9. I used to love that Lee Stafford heat protection spray until it leaked in my overnight bag stinking everything to high heaven!! Was totally put off the scent after that incident!
    I have just stared using the Naked deep conditioning treatment which has Argan Oil in it and its brilliant! You should give it a try only about 8 quid for a mahoosive tub. xx


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