Friday, 14 January 2011

M.A.C Show Orchid

Hey Dolls

As far as lipsticks go, bright pinks are always my first choice. Personally, I don't think they come much brighter or pinker than MAC's Show Orchid. This is a a very recent acquisition of mine as my lovely friend gave me it for Christmas....

Show Orchid is an amplified cream (my favorite) so it's a really creamy formula and lasts a really long time without needing to be re-applied. It has quite a nice sheen naturally (that comes off a little purple) but I did top it off here with a little bit of clear gloss.

If you are a lover of fuchsia and magenta lipsticks, you need this in your life!

Lots of Love


  1. This looks stunning on you!
    Wish I had the courage to wear such bright pinks myself,

  2. Dagnam it! Now I must own this little beaut!! xxx

  3. love your lipstick!and your hair look fabulous!

  4. Gorgeous Nic, love bright lipsticks xx

  5. Oh I love a bright pink too! This suits you so well. I've been on the lookout for a good bright pink so I may have to check this one out :) xo

  6. Looks really pretty on you :) x

  7. Bright pinks look fab on you! I have trouble pulling it bright pinks off even though I love bold lipstick (give me bright red, orange, black anyday.

    You have the most adorable hair btw :)
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  8. This looks great on you! I have Show Orchid too, it's one of my favourite pink lippies. Looks great on you! Amplified Creams are my favourites too :)

  9. The color looks great on you! I just picked one up today at the CCO.


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