Sunday, 30 January 2011

January Favorites

Hey Dolls :)

Despite January feeling like it lasted an age, I definitely found some new and lovely products this month!

1. Lush It's Raining Men

When I first heard about It's raining men, I thought it was too good to be true. A shower gel that smells of Honey, I washed the Kids. Thankfully it has lived up to my expectations. My early mornings are made that bit cheerier now. If you like Honey, I washed the kids, you definitely need to buy this before it's gone. The one thing I would say is that I realise £14 is a bit ridiculous for shower gel - however I just couldn't resist!

2. Revlon Colourstay Eyeliner

My favorite eyeliner by far is M.A.C's smoulder, however within a couple of hours it does tend to smudge if you haven't set it with powder. Revlon's colorstay is perfect for me in the early mornings as I don't need to set it with shadow for it to last all day. It's a twist pencil...

I had never used a twist up pencil before, always opting for one that needs sharpening but I do like how easy it is to twist up. This is a brilliant, cheaper alternative to my favorite eyeliners without the worry of panda eyes!

3. M.A.C Play It Cool Palette

Of late, I've completely lost track of M.A.C. collections so it was a lovely surprise when I got the play it cool eye kit from A Tartan Tale for my Christmas. I've used this palette throughout January and I really love it. It's a purple themed palette (so perfect for me)

As you can see, the palette has all of the components for a really pretty, purple smoky eye. My two favorite shades are definitely Altered State (bottom left) which is dark purple that gives a lovely violet sheen and Magic Moor, a blackened plum. If you see this at a CCO I definitely recommend it!

4. La Roche Posay Effaclar K

When I first bought this, I wasn't too sure the best way to use it and settled for applying it before my moisturiser as a type of serum. However, I have discovered that it is the best primer I have used. I have oily skin and using a small amount of Effaclar K before my face make up creates the most matte base. The cream also seems to control oiliness throughout the day. By far one of the best skin care discoveries I've made in a while!.

5. Estee Lauder Double Wear

I love double wear and definitely think it is the best full coverage foundation I have tried. As I keep writing, I'm trying to wear lighter foundation during the day however on days when I feel a little self conscious skin-wise, double wear is absolutely perfect. I don't want to repeat information as I know there have been an influx in double wear reviews but you really do need the tiniest amount to cover your whole face and because it's quite fluid, it doesn't feel too heavy!

6. Cosmopolitan Perfect Finish Make-Up Sponges

This is more make up sponges in general, though I do really like these cosmopolitan ones as they 100% hypoallergenic. As I've started using double wear again, these sponges are the perfect accompaniment. After I've applied my foundation, I pat a damp sponge over my whole face. This manages to add some dewiness, even to double wear!

Lots of Love


  1. Love your favourites posts! That palette is absolutely gorgeous, tres jealous! hehe xo

  2. I love the colorstay eyeliners too! They really do last and take some getting off at the end of the day lol. xxx

  3. The La Roche Posay Effaclar K sounds like something I need. My skin is kind of oily and it sounds perfect! xx

  4. I can't believe another month is over - feels like only yesterday that I read your December favourites post! The Effaclar K serum sounds great. x

  5. I was going to pick up those sponges today, need to go back and get them now. I really want to try double wear xx

  6. I really want It's Raining Men, cause I love the smell of Honey IWTK but don't like the formula of the soap. But no, I could never spend that much on a shower gel! You's crazeh :P

  7. That shower gel seems lovely! I loved this post :)
    So many people rave about the double wear foundation and it really does seem like a great buy! May have to try it soon :)

  8. I plan on buying double wear very soon as i've heard constantly how great it is.
    Also...why did I not know about the Honey I Washed The Kids shower gel!?
    Definitely going to need to invest!

  9. I need all of these products !!! I'm all gonna buy them asap !!! Great list :)

  10. I forgot about It's Raining Men! It sounds lovely, I need to pick it up before it goes :)

  11. Anything with the name Raining Men is a total must have! LOL love love love it and your blog.

  12. I need to try the shower gel, it sounds amazing :) xxx

  13. I adore the colors in that palette!!!

  14. Jennie - Aw thanks lovely! I know it was such a lovely surprise to get!!

    Jo - I know they are amazing! There's nothing worse than panda eyes!

    Abbie - You should definitely try it sweets and I don't think it's too pricey!

    LilyLipstick - Ha I know though I do feel that January dragged a little bit!

    Lisa - Aw you should love, I use mine everyday"

    Lillian - I know I think it was rather silly of me! I will just call it an early valentines present to myself ha! And why don't you like the soap? It's one of my favorites boo!

    Daintymakeup - It really is such a good foundation! You should see if you can get a sample as EL are normally quite generous!

    Jodie - The Lush lady said it should be in until the end of Feb :)

    Marilou - Ha let me know if you get any!

    Gem - Definitely go and get it :D

    Sarah Ashley - Ha ha exactly! And thank you!!

    Glimmer and Glow - You can even get it in a smaller bottle to try it first :)

    Olivia - I know they're such lovely colours though I heard that some of them were from last years holiday palette!


  15. I didnt know whether to get Effaclar i think I need it!!! great post hun xoxoxox

  16. Effaclar K sounds fab, I might give it a go :)


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