Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Hey Dolls :)

For my Chrisymas this year I was so excited to find I'd been given some Make Up For Ever eye was the first chance I've had to play with them and I honestly am so happy to have some colour injected back into my make up.

Face - MAC Strobe Cream/MAC Studio Finish Concealer/MAC MSF Natural/MUFE Candy Pink 85

Eyes - Two Faced Shadow Insurance/MUFE Fuchsia 26/MUFE Purple 92/MUFE Yellow 2/MAC Fluidline Blacktrack/17 Wild Curls

Lips - NYX 08 Doll Pink

I am in absolute love with the eyeshadows I've tried so far, they are unbelievably pigmented...I had already triedpurple 92 and it really is the brightest and most vibrant purple ever! I've got a seperate post coming soon with swatches!

Lots of Love


  1. How many times I can tell you I love your face before it becomes weird I don't know..but I do..


  2. Oh Nicola you look beautiful! I'd never be able to pull off those colours, but you suit them so well. I love it!! xo

  3. You look amazing! The colors are so nice on you. Can't wait for the swatches!

  4. Wow, those colours are gorgeous, so bright! :) x

  5. jealous jealous jealous!!!! you can pull of anything!! you look fab!

    *goes & sulks in the corner*


  6. LaurenRhiannon - awwwww shucks :D Thanks sweets!!

    Emma - Aww thank you!! The yellow is somewhat emphasised by the flash though :D

    Alyse - Thank you so much!!!! As soon as I get a clear day I'm getting my swatch on!

    Gemx - I knoow! I'm in love!!

    Onna - Aww thanks Onna :D

    Fern - Ha is it the dimples?

    Stacey - Ha ha I don't believe that! I think it's more about having the confidence to wear bright colours than suiting them :)


  7. You don't actually have any foundation on?? Your skin looks amazing, Nicola! Gorgeous as always :) xx

  8. You look fantastic. Your skin looks amazing, the yellow really makes your eyes pop and the pink on your lips is just gorgeous :)

  9. Woww the colours looks lovely on you! I'm scared to wear colour now, don't know why.. need to get my colours out xx

  10. Absolutely love this! So vibrant & lovely :) You look gorgeous! xo

  11. Sarah - Thank you :)

    Tiffany - It's mainly because I had been tanning that week - it hides a multitude of sins :D But I've been really trying with my skin and I think it's paying off!

    Lillian - Thank you Lillian :) I'm loving yellow at the moment!!

    Abbie - awww but you suit neutrals so well, you have them down to a fine art :D

    Laura - Aww thank you so much ladyy



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