Friday, 11 January 2013

A Lush Shower

One of my favourite ways to relax is to run a Lush bath, I've shared it before but I keep a large vase in my bathroom that is filled with bath bombs and bubble bars.  However after getting a few new Lush products for Christmas, I have recently been turning to a Lush shower to de-stress.

Twilight Shower Gel

Twilight is the perfect shower gel to use if I need to relax after a stressful day.  It contains both lavender and malt notes that create an amazingly soothing and calming aroma in the shower.  It foams up nicely and the scent lingers on my skin that helps when trying to sleep.  Sadly Twilight was limited addition, but I managed to grab an extra big bottle which is currently stored away in my bathroom cabinet to be pulled out on those days where I feel a little frazzled.  If you didn't manage to try Twilight over the festive period, you could always go and buy the bath bomb version (I'm dying to try it, it turns your bath water from pink to blue to purple with gold glitter!)

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Ro's Argan has quickly become one of my favourite Lush products I have ever tried, despite being a little dubious to begin with.  I have never used a product quite like it; you apply the lotion on to wet skin before rinsing it back off.  At first, this seemed a little odd to me, however I followed the instructions and my skin felt amazing afterwards! Ro's Argan contains a multitude of moisturising and conditioning ingredients: argan oil, cocoa butter, brazil nut oil, almond oil and shea butter.  After I have rinsed the lotion off, there is a little residue left on my skin which I don't mind too much as I use it at night. By morning, it has been fully absorbed leaving my skin feeling so unbelievably soft.

The smell of Ro's Argan is amazing.  The combination of rose, argan oil and shea butter create a beautifully sweet scent that lasts for such a long time, it's almost like wearing perfume.  Ro's Argan may seem like a bit of a gimmick product, but I cannot explain how amazing it makes my skin feel (and smell).  If you're prone to drier skin in the winter months, you need this!!!

Tiny Hands Solid Hand Serum

I had never used any of Lush's solid serums before so was quite excited (and, as with Ro's Argan, slightly apprehensive) to try it out.  You simply hold the serum in your hands and your body heat melts the bar to create a serum.  It's scented quite heavily of vanilla, and contains many of the same oils and butters as Ro's Argan (Argan oil, Shea and Cocoa Butter, but also Aloe Vera). The serum is wonderfully moisturising, however you do only need to hold the bar for a couple of seconds or your hands become a little too oily.  

What are your favourite Lush products? 

Lots of Love

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  1. Awwww I'm sad I never got to try the Twilight shower gel, maybe they will release I again this year. I might recommend the body conditioner to a friend of mine as she has really dry skin :-)


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