Monday, 26 March 2012

Recent Re-Purchases

Hey Dolls,
I'm a fickle being and I find that despite loving a product I always feel I might be missing out on something better (which is why my foundation drawer is full of half used products).  So, when I find myself repurchasing a product over and over again, it really must work!  This week, I've repurchased three of my all time favourite products - I've definitely spoken about all three before but I think they deserve a little seperate post all of their own.

Chloé Eau de Parfum

Without a doubt, Chloé is my favourite perfume.  I've went through countless bottles and have only recently realised that as soon as I've finished a bottle, I go straight out and buy a new one.  It's quite a hard perfume to describe - the top notes are peony, lychee and fresia but as it settles you can definitely smell rose with a hint of amber and cedarwood.  Despite having some quite heavy notes, to me, Chloé smells so fresh and clean.  It is also the longest lasting perfume I own, by the end of the day I still get whiffs of scent.

Whenever I wear Chloé, I always get asked what perfume I'm wearing.  However, it seems to be a scent that divides people - you either love it or hate it.  For some, it's a little too strong but that's the exact reason I love it, when I'm washing my clothes, as soon as you open my washing basket you can smell Chloé from days earlier.

I bought this bottle from Debenhams so I could use my beauty card balance (I love the Debenhams Beauty Card Scheme!) and just now, when you buy a bottle of Chloé you get the cutest two freebie bottles.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

I used to never be able to see past M.A.C MSF Natural for a powder that kept oil at bay until I had tried Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder. It's perfect for my oily skin and keeps shine away all day -Unlike when I used my MSF Natural, I rarely have to touch up my powder. It doesn't go cakey and looks almost invisible on the face which I really love.

I love the packaging of the powder with the swivel mirror and as pictured it comes with a sponge - however I buff mine into my skin using a kabuki brush. Now that it's coming into the warmer months (where did this sun come from? I love Scotland when it's sunny) Dream Matte Powder is coming to be an absolute staple in my make up routine.
Dior Bronze Original Tan in 002 Honey Tan

Are you bored of me raving about this bronzer yet? I wanted to mention it again as I have just had to  repurchase after buying my first compact last summer and using it daily.  Honey tan has completely changed how my make up looks, it's such a beautiful bronzer - it really warms my skin tone without looking muddy or orange.

As you can see, there are tiny shimmer particles in the bronzer and I originally went back to the Dior counter to try the matte version.  However, after looking at the matte and original version side by side, the original is slightly warmer and the particles, rather than looking glittery, give the appearance of beautiful, luminous skin.  I also love that Dior do a range of bronzers in various shades rather than producing just one or two so there should be one to suit everyone.

It is expensive at £29 but as my last compact lasted around 9 months I think it's a wise investment!

I'd love to hear if you've tried any of the above products or what you're most repurchased items are?

Lots of Love


  1. Chloe do my favourite perfume too :) I know what you mean about wondering if there's something better out there! xxx

  2. Chloe is such a lovely summer scent. I like the look of the Dior bronzer but I'll need to save my pennies for that

  3. Thank you for giving your thoughts on the maybelline powder, really want to purchase it when I run out of mine ! xx

  4. I really love the photos you post and I also really like the Chloe fragrance. I don't own it though because I'm trying to use up my other fragrances before I go out and buy more.


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