Sunday, 15 April 2012

Happy New Make Up Day

Hey Dolls,

More than anything, new make up days are my favourite days.  Combine this with 3 for 2 in Boots and my purse is significantly lighter.  Two new products which I bought and and wore on a recent night out were Katy Perry and Eyelure 'Oh, My' lashes and L'oreal Caresse lipstick in 202 Impulsive Fuchsia.

Oh, My!

I love false lashes and have used many different types and brands but these are by far the thickest I have ever worn.  I was a little worried whether they would look a little too big and unnatural but I paired them with quite minimal eye make up and really loved them.

The lashes have a really thick band which did make them a little harder to apply - you definitely need to use a little more glue than usual. I also found that wrapping the lashes around the handle of a thin make up brush helped bend the band into a more natural shape.  I've since repurchased these and two other pairs of Katy Perry lashes - I can't wait to try them!

L'oreal Caresse in 202 Impulsive Fuchsia

I was really excited to try the L'oreal Caresse lipsticks after reading some reviews comparing them with Revlon's lip butters. Impulsive Fuchsia is quite similar in colour to lollipop - a bright fuchsia with a blue undertone.  As I said with Lollipop, Impulsive Fuchsia would be perfect if you are just beginning to experiment with lip colour due to the formula however I think Revlon's lip butters are a little easier to work with as this did bleed a little when I first applied it and they feel a little less moisturising. 


Have you tried the Katy Perry lashes or any of the Caresse lipsticks? I would love to know your thoughts or any recommendations!

Love Nicola


  1. Loving the Katy Perry lashes ! xx

  2. Ah i have to say i am such a fan of the boots 3 for 2, loving the lashes xx

  3. You look gorgeous in these pictures! I wish I could get to grips with fake lashes but they always just fall off for me : /


  4. The fuschia lipstick looks so good on you...

  5. you're such a pretty girl :)

    i have been curious to try katy perry's new lashes. i have to go grab some!

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  7. This lip colour really suits you, it looks incredible! xx


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