Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My new angel

Hey Dolls

M.A.C's Angel is definitely my most used lipstick. It might be a little bit boring, but that's exactly the reason I love it - following on from my previous post, Angel is a lipstick I can slap on without worrying how it looks. However recently, I have had to become a little purse conscious (mainly because everytime I open mine, little moths fly out like in a warner bros cartoon) and so, I set myself the task of finding a more purse friendly angel...

I settled on Bourjois' Sweet Kiss Naturel lipstick in 11 Rose Innocence. While it is not identical to Angel, it is an absolutely beautiful lipstick. The formula is extremely moisturising as it contains magnolia oil and shea butter and it settles onto the lips without being overly buttery or soft. It is a semi matte finish, which is quite different to the finishes I tend to favour. The one downfall of Rose Innocence is the lasting power - at best I probably get about 2 hours wear. However, because it's quite a natural shade I can re-apply it quickly.

As you can see, Rose Innocence isn't as pink as Angel - on the lips it appears more of a pink toned nude but for me it's perfect at half the price! There are only 8 shades of Bourjois sweet kiss naturel lipsticks but they are all beautiful! I am definitely going to try more!

Lots of Love


  1. This is a really pretty colour :) Must check out the lipsticks myself :) x

  2. ooh, but does it smell yummy like Angel?

  3. Thank you so much everyone!

    Sarah sadly not :( it has a kind of herbal, green tea kind of scent! For me not as nice as vanilla but not unpleasant!

  4. That sounds like something I'd like, too!

  5. This looks great on you, I wish I could pull off nudey pinks but I just look dead! Might check out the other shades in the range though as I love semi-matte finishes. xx

  6. I've been looking around for nudeish lipsticks, and haven't been having much luck! This is gorg on you though! xo

  7. That's a really lovely nude colour, I'm always a fan of these when it comes to lipsticks :)


  8. eee I love posts where someone finds something a bit more frugal! This colour isn't something I'd pick up if I saw it on it's own but it looks really really pretty on you. I want it.

  9. i love it on you! you're such a pretty girl ♥

  10. I love posts like this as I am just getting into lipstick so any colour recommendations come in very handy!

    Caz x

  11. Thanks everyone :)

    p.s tennille i'm so happy you're blogging again <3

  12. Looks lovely on you Nic! I'm an angel lover like you but now i'm hooked on Topshops innocence or innocent (can't remember) it's a little more pinker than Angel but it's gorgeous xx


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