Sunday, 28 August 2011

More frugal finds...

I recently posted that I have been trying to find some purse friendly alternatives to products I love. When I was in Paris earlier this year, the most exciting thing I bought (apart from minnie mouse ears of course), was a bottle of bioderma's crealine cleansing water. I think I've mentioned before that I really dislike oil based removers and was relieved to find something that removed my make up just as well, without leaving behind an oily residue. However, on attempting to order a new bottle of crealine, I couldn't justify the price of postage.

Enter La Roche-Posay's Physiological Micellar Solution...

Similarly to bioderma, this is a micellar cleansing water, which I've found to be the most thorough but gentle methods of removing my make up. The product contains no parabans, soap or alchohol. However, la roche-posay's micellar solution does contain fragrance which I know can be irritating to some people's skin, thankfully I've had no bad reaction.

For my face make up, I only need to sweep over one cotton pad and it even breaks down waterproof mascarra - though I do need to hold the pad over my eye for a couple of seconds. It leaves behind no residue, doesn't leave my skin tightened or dry and ready for cleaning (I am still in love with Origins Checks and Balances). If you're interested in micellar cleansing waters, I think la roche-posay's is a good place to start - I got mine from Boots for around £10.

Lots of Love


  1. I definitely have to look into these kinds of makeup removers, i've heard so many good things about them & baby wipes just aren't cutting it for me anymore! Lovely post, glad you could find a less expensive alternative! :) xo

  2. I can't use wipes at all! They seem to break me out!! I know Vichy make one too! xx


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