Friday, 26 August 2011

Home is wherever I'm with you

Hey Dolls

Waaah at this moment, I am hideously hungover...Prosecco is not my friend!! Today is the first day of my holiday from work and to celebrate, my friend Andrew and I went out for a couple of drinks after work.

I wore a new dress from Warehouse which you can see here. For me, this is my perfect dress: black, long sleeves, a peter pan collar and embellishment. I never got a full length photo of me wearing it, instead here is a terrible iphone picture where you can see half of the sleeve and none of the embellishment...

Nick and I have lots planned for our week off...tomorrow we're going to visit the Rosslyn Chapel, and then later in the week, we're going down to my mum and dads for a nardini's (I'm getting ice cream AND a cannoli) and most exciting of all...WE'RE GOING ON THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS!!! Well, as close as we'll ever get - The Jacobite. I literally cannot wait!!!!

Lately, I've realised that I've truely become a bit of a home bird. Since moving into our new house, I've spent so much time making it a home - I promise to those who have asked, I'll post soon and show you around! However, over the last couple of weeks, the homely things I have been enjoying are...

...making window boxes and rolls!

I'll leave you with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros...the only thing that can save me from this headache!

Lots of Love


  1. I flipping looooove this song :-)

  2. ah i feel your pain, my hangovers are getting hideous as I get older - that being said I'm currently slurping on some skittles vodka

  3. I seriously have no tolerance for alcohol anymore. Those rolls look like a delicious cure for a hangover though ;) I am so jealous of the color of your hair (is that weird?). It's such a gorgeous, shiny black! And I am so jealous you're going on that train... I'll have to console myself with memories of the HP theme park in Orlando... it's wicked, you've got to go! Have a great time on the Hogwarts Express :)

  4. Hangovers are truly horrible, however your dress is lovely :) Oh wow I hope you have fun on the jacobite.


  5. Oooh check you out making rolls! They look so good! I'm really jealous of you getting a Nardini's though although I've never tried anything apart from their ice cream! MMM. Might have to drive down one day JUST for a tub of ice cream! xx

  6. you look so beautiful and happy! Xx

  7. Marilou - It's amazing!! Always makes me happy!

    Eloise - ohh skittles vodka! sounds amazing!

    Sarah - Aww thank you, it comes straight out a bottle though! I'll try and find the shade for you! And I REALLY want to go so badly!!

    Charlee - Thank you love! I'm couting down the days!

    Charlene - well they're soda bread so a wee bit easier ;) If you do, definitely go to the seperate bakery and get a canoli for the drive home, amazing!!!

    Nicola - thank yoou! They were, warm with some jam yum!

    Tennille - thanks sweets!

  8. enjoyed reading your posts and following your blog now!


  9. I love that song so much :)
    Now following you


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