Sunday, 13 February 2011

A well deserved catch up

Hey Dolls :)

I feel like I haven't spoken to anybody in ages! I hope you're all well! Things are all a little topsy turvy at the moment so just wanted to take some time out to have a bit of a ramble!

First of all, February is always my favorite month though it's ridiculously hectic - it's mine, Nick's and my two best friends birthday's in February (never mind Valentines day and Nick and I's anniversary, in fact Nick's birthday is on V-day). So far February has been filled with drunken antics, karaoke, lots of hairspray and eyeliner. Here's a few snaps

I turn 23 on the 26th and to celebrate both our birthdays, Nick and I have booked to go to Paris!! We have two days in the city and then a day in Disneyland. If any of you have suggestions of things we can do (some non-touristy things would be splendid) I would be much obliged. I genuinely cannot contain my excitement for Disneyland, if you're new to my blog you should know I am THE biggest Disney fan. Luckily I have a lovely boyfriend who accepts and encourages this love!

One of the biggest changes since the beginning of the year is that I've started slimming world. I've had a couple of questions on twitter about my diet so I may do a separate post but the thing that attracted me to slimming world is it promotes a balanced diet - it isn't based on a point system and instead helps to train you into eating a varied balanced diet each day without denying yourself treats. So far I'm edging ever closer to losing my first stone. Although numbers wise I can see I've lost weight I haven't really noticed it on myself until I saw that top photo. I've still got a long way to go but it's all quite exciting!! Hopefully one day I will have cheekbones like this

I joke of course (though some resemblance of cheek bones would be stellar)

I also just got an I-phone 4 the other day - to be honest I probably should never of been allowed it, touch screens give me the rage and I'm rather clumsy so I need to find a nice protective cover for it - again if you have any sellers/websites you recommend please let me know! Also is there any apps I need? The first I downloaded was the I am T-Pain as it's legend but I need some entertainment! It has taken me about 3746484 hours fiddling with itunes and my phone but finally I managed to edit this as my ring tone

Yep - that's something that actually happened, I have hedwigs theme as my ringtone!

Lots of Love


  1. Your looking great! I too turn 23 on 26th Feb (actually if i remember correctly, I remember commenting on our shared birthday on twitter last year) eeek, getting closer to quarter of a century haha!.. It's my mums birthday on V day, and my boys on 16th Feb- I share your pain for the hectic (read expensive) February lol! hope you have a great time in Paris! x

  2. well done on the weight loss - you're looking fab for it! My fave app is incredibooth which lets you take photo booth style piccies :)

    Have an amazing time in Paris!

  3. you ladies look AMAZING! That's sooo exciting that you're going to paris! I feel like every blogger is going to paris this year/ or has been there this year. I'm missing out! LOL. Glad to see you're having a fun month dear! xo

  4. Aww you look gorgeous! Yay for Paris & Disneyland <3 xo

  5. Hi

    Thanks for following me on Twitter, thought I'd say hi and check out your Blog.. Love it! I like to see loadsa pics ha!

    Well done on the weight loss, I wanna/need to loose a stone Urgh..! be worth it though.

    Paris sounds amaze so hopefully see photo's of that too

    Speak soon

    Joanne ( Indiecindy007)

  6. ah girl - good to hear your chat and see your photos - you look absolutely awesome - and go you on your diet, that's fab news!

    ohh - and aps, the first one I downloaded was talking carl - just a wee dude that you talk to and it talks back to you, and squeals when you tickle it, and oofts when you ping it... yep, am a complete and utter grown up! :)

    a x

  7. Hope you have a wonderful birthday my lovely! Sure you'll have a great time at Disneyland :) x

  8. instagram for pictures and for games (this is a bit longer of a list, lol): angry birds, skyburger, robot unicorn, doodlejump, and virtual families. I download way too many games on my iPod. Glad to see your back to posting and congrats on your anniversary & yay birthday month! Disney will be tons of fun!

  9. Carly Anne - Woo for being birthday twins! Hope you have a brill but busy month too!!

    Rachael - Aww thank you so much! And I shall go and have a wee look in the app store just now!

    Caitlin - Ha I know, everytime I see other peoples photos I get really excited!

    Jennie - Thank you my love!

    Joanne - Hello sweets, thanks for following! I love your blog though I've been rubbish and haven't commented the whole time I've followed, I shall need to go back to my old ways :D

    Ann - Thank yoou! Haha you're saying that to the girl who has harry p as her ringtone ;)

    Lilylipstick - Thank you :))

    Cait - Ha I shall definitely go and have a look at all your suggestions love! I honestly cannot wait, just under two weeks to wait woo!


  10. i love the varnish on your nails in your "ideal" cheekbones pic :P hehe. what polish is it?!

  11. I'm SO sorry - I just seen this!!! Not that it's much help now but it's OPI's mod about you! xx


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