Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A bit disappointed

Hey Dolls :)

Recently I've bought a couple of products that I've been really disappointed in. To be honest, I'm probably being overly dramatic but I get really excited when trying new products that I can't help but feel really let down when they don't work for me.

1. China Glaze Fast Freeze Quick Dry

I recently went in to Sally's to find a new topcoat after reading a lot of controversy over Seche Vite. When I really think about it, the main reason I loved seche vite is down to the speed it dried my polish - I really am a rather impatient person and get really antsy waiting for my nail polish to dry. I change my polish every two/three days so I wasn't too fussed about protecting my nails from chipping so opted to try China Glaze fast freeze quick dry. My dislike for this product may come down to my complete inability with everything nail related but I really hate it!

Firstly it stinks - when opening my bottle today I got a bit on my finger and I can still smell it. It smells a mixture between chemicals, antiseptic paint and floor cleaner. I also find the product really greasy which is only made worse by using the pipette. On using the pipette, I got in such a mess, the product runs off the nail and by the end my hands were covered in a greasy residue. Even when using the brush it's quite a messy process as the product is so liquid-y, it just runs off the nail. One positive is that it does dry wet polish really quickly, however sadly, for me, the cons outweigh the pros.

2. Schwarzkopf Bonacure ColorSave Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner is another product that I was really excited to try. I bought this the same day as the freeze dry drops (a rather unsuccessful shopping trip I feel). What attracted me to the products was the fact that they claim to protect colour treated hair whilst containing no sulfates. However again I was really let down after using them. The packaging is quite unpractical, the bottles are really tall and thin however you have to squeeze the bottle really hard to get any product out - not brilliant at half five in the morning. When using the shampoo I feel it really clings to my hair, it doesn't foam at all, it's really quite difficult to explain, even when applied to wet hair it feels really dry and cloys to your hair. After using the products for the last couple of weeks I feel my hair lacks shine and softness. What makes it worse is both cost me around £25 which in my opinion was a total waste of money.

3. Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid

I think I might be one of the only bloggers who doesn't like dream satin liquid. However sadly for me, even with powder it doesn't control oil at all. By midday I look really shiny and by the end of the working day it's oil slick city. Which makes me really sad as when first applied it really does look lovely on!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of the products mentioned or recommendations of products to replace these!

Lots of Love


  1. I used to love the Dream Satin Liquid...but i'm usually too busy to look in a mirror all day! I realised in the summer that it really doesn't last all day :( I've never tried a sulfate free shampoo but i'm pretty sure it's the sulfates that make it foam - i've heard people say they just can't get used to it not foaming and a lot of people just don't feel their hair is as clean without the foam! I don't think i could get used to it!


  2. Totally agree on Dream Satin Liquid foundation. My skin's very oily so I don't know why I even bought it but... I literally had to blot my face every HOUR when I used this. Yes, it looks pretty for 20-30mins or so but then it just melts, and starts looking greasy.

    Re Bonacure shampoos/conditioners - I've used their Moisture Kick range and loved the shampoo, conditioner and the leave in spray. My hair was silky, soft and didn't get greasy quickly, yet it felt hydrated.

  3. I soooo nearly bought the CG Quick Dry at the weekend. It sounds horrible to use...I'd probably end up getting it absolutely everywhere! Glad I didn't buy it now!

  4. I had the same problem with that foundation too! No matter which powder I used it would not keep the oil at bay which was annoying as it was such a perfect colour match!

  5. The CG quick dry sounds horrible to use, I'd make such a mess with it! I use Essie Good to go, it dries in a few mins, but I've just got to half way through the bottle and it's gone all thick and horrible :( If only polish would dry quicker! :P

  6. Is the CG fast dry stuff actually a top coat or just a liquid to dry your nails? If it's a top coat how on earth would they expect you to apply it with a pipette? Bizarre!

  7. Oh this is spooky, I was considering buying the quick dry - thanks for the heads up! xo

  8. I've always wanted to try dream satin but I've been put off by the colour range cos im pastey haha.. Was considering getting it for when I've slapped some tan on but deffo staying away from it now cos I've got quite oily skin xx

  9. Im the same with dream satin i love it but it just looses its coverage and gets so oily so easily
    xx i mix it with some other foundations and it can sometimes get the finish to last longer :)

  10. Shivy - Yep I'm the same it just doesn't last!! It's such a shame about the shampoo as i've tried other sulfate free shampoos that foam a little, this one doesn't at all! It feels horrid!!!!

    Miss A - I completely agree! Oh thank you for the rec, hopefully it's just that one formula, it's such a difficult feeling to explain, even when though my hair is wet as soon as I apply it it feels dry!

    Ms Wedgie - I always feel abit nervous when doing a negative review as you may love it but I really dislike it, I've never tried other drying drops to compare so maybe that's just the nature of the product!

    its magenta - See I thought the colour range was quite poor too, I couldn't find a perfect match which is a shame :(

    Gem - Ha yep it's only made worse by the fact i'm terrible with nails! Ohh I might try that, seche vite's a bit like that too :(

    Lillian - oops sorry ha I should probably of said, it isn't a top coat it's only drying drops, I've never tried them before so I'm not sure if that's just the nature of the product or whether it's only the cg drops that I don't get on with!

    Emma - I might go and read some reviews and see what other people think but I just didn't get on with it at all! I have heard the opi version is good but i'm a little apprehensive to try now!

    Abbie - Yep I couldn't find a good colour to match me either, I think they're quite orange toned! But yep I definitely think you should stay away because of your skin type boo :(

    Claireyfairy - I might have a bash at some foundation chemistry ;)


  11. I hate the Maybelline foundation too =D

    it made me oily in a few hours and broke me out, in fact I hate all Maybelline foundations, they're all pants x

  12. i was recommended a topcoat by a friend recently so i went out a bought it to see if it's any good - i've been using the quick dry one from sally hansen for ages and find it just gloops up before i've got halfway through the bottle. anyway, i've had this new one for a few months now and it's perfect.

    i got it in sally's and it's called Gelous. it's kind of the same shape as a china glaze polish but with a green lid. i've found it dries way quicker than the sally hansen one, and it gives great shine too.

    i have to admit i don't know much else about it - who it's by, the ingredients etc, so i'm afraid i can't comment on that! i just know it works really well for me! i hope this is helpful anyway, as i never would have picked it up if it weren't for that recommendation!


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