Sunday, 20 February 2011

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Succubus

Hey Dolls :)

My ever increasing love for Illamasqua rages on...I have recently reigned in my visits to the Illamasqua counter as they were having an ever increasingly damaging effect on my bank balance. However when my friend Clare wanted to go and buy one of their precision inks I couldn't say no...20 minutes later and Succubus was mine!

I had never tried any of Illamasqua's intense lipglosses before - I honestly can't believe how opaque they all are! Succubus is from their latest collection for Valentines day - Throb. Illamasqua describe it as a 'blood red' and I can't think of a better description...

The formula is really thick but isn't sticky and lasts a really long time - even when it does fade it leaves a lovely stain on the lips (though I did find by the end of the night it did settle into the lines of my mouth but I fear that is down my bad lip prep as I didn't have any other make up with me). The colour is so bright and glossy and gives you the perfect glamorous Hollywood red lip. However, for last night I really sheered it out as I have the terrible habit of kissing everyone I'm with when I'm drunk and don't think I would be terribly popular if I adorned everyone with juicy red lip marks! Here's how it looks sheered out

In this way, I love succubus even more as it's so versatile and can be used for several different looks! Have you tried any of the other intense glosses? I'd love some more colour recommendations!

Love Nicola


  1. Looks amazing! Do you think it's similar to MAC Russian Red?

    (say no, so I have an excuse to buy it LOL)

  2. This is such a gorgeous colour.
    Illamasqua are awesome - love their foundations and gotta try the rest of the products.


  3. This looks beaut, especially for a lipgloss. Love how you can wear it sheered out too!

    Sarah x

  4. It really does look blood red! The pigmentation is amazing.


  5. GORGEOUS! You are glowing, love it! xxx

  6. The color is absolutely gorgeous!


  7. Agh i want it sooo much! I need it for my collection :P It's so beautiful, and you look lovely with it sheered out :)

  8. Looks so pretty! I am going to have to go have a look at it! x x x

  9. I so love the intense glosses!!! Never though to get this colour but DEFO heading to illamasqua asap - it's such a stunning red!!

  10. Gorgeous colour! I was worried if I bought it I would never get chance to wear it with it being so bold, but it looks gorgeous on you sheered out :)

  11. It truly is the perfect blood red. Im obsessed with opaque lipglosses that can be worn intense or sheered out so thank you soo much for showing us how it looks. Looks stunning on you!

  12. the color is gorgeous - i've been looking for a good true red, i'll keep this in mind next time i'm at the illamasqua counter! xxx

  13. Jen - I don't actually have Russian Red! Though I did read on Temptalia that Christine says russian red is the closest dupe colour wise she can think of! Buy it!! And wear it together - that would look amazing and would last for ever on the lips!!

    Aru - It really is!!

    Miss A - I really want to try their rich liquid foundation! And if you haven't already, their blushes are a must!!

    Sarah - And it looks just as gorgeous each way! Amazing!

    Rachel - I know it still can't believe how good quality it is!

    Laurenrhiannon - Thank you sweets!

    Charming Vanity - It's even more amazing in person, so glossy!

    Lillian - You need it! It would look amazing on you! And thank you!

    Gloria - It honestly is so amazing when you see it in person!

    Giddy Princess - What other colours do you recommend? Let me know if you buy it :D

    Gemx - That's why it's so amazing it doesn't have to be BAM in your face and looks just as pretty sheered out I think!

    Sarah Ashley - Aww glad I could help! And thank you so much!

    Heatherette - Definitely see it in person as it honestly looks amazing the way it catches the light!


  14. Wow, this is such a gorgeous color! The pigmentation looks amazing. Looks really lovely on you :) xo

  15. Omg the swatch of this is amazing! I really want to try an Illamasqua lip gloss, I wonder if they've got any good nude colors?

  16. It's really easy to succumb to temptation, but you chose well. The red is super gorgeous! You look lovely with it, even though you say it's sheered out in the pic. :)


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