Thursday, 5 August 2010

MAC Petals and Peacocks

Hey Dolls :)

I recently bought MAC's Petals and Peacocks lipstick from a blog sale and I wore it for the first time today. I'm not too sure about how it suits me I feel it might look a little better with a tan, what do you think...?

Hmm I really am not too sure that it suits me when I'm milk bottle white! I shall try again when I'm Xen Tanned up! Also, if you own Petals and Peacocks, how do you wear it? And if anyone has a good lip liner recommendation to go with it, I would love you long time <3

Also, I found the most beautiful flower clip from Accesorize the other day...

Honestly, I am in love with Accesorize at the moment - I've never seen a purple and gold flower before, I especially love the gold glitter!

Lastly, I do hope the post below made me laugh a little bit like this...

Hello man hand (Nick caught me unawares and made me laugh mid photo sesh ha!)

I think I might of scared quite a few people away oops, I don't normally look as scary!

Lots of Love




  1. your hair always looks loverlyyyy!
    oh nicola, the colour looks fabby - i think you really pull it off and it would look great even with a tan (although not needed to rock this muchos coolios colour ;)
    ya making me braver to wear bright lippy! Next stop, Barry M stand.. :D xxxx

  2. I think that color looks great with your skintone and dark hair. No tan necessary! LOL

  3. That flower is gorgeous - I'm loving floral hair accessories at the moment :)
    I really like the bright pink lippie, I'd definitely take a colour like that on holiday with me. x

  4. You really do rock the bright lippie darling :) looks super duper on you. and the flower is prettyyyyy xxx

  5. Jules - Aww thank yoou babycakes!! Ohh deffo get involved in the bright lippy, Barry M has brilliant pinks!!

    LeeAnn - aww thank you so much!

    Lily - I think there's nothing nicer than a flower in your hair! Yep it's definitely a holiday colour!

    Milly - Aww thanks Milly!


  6. Personally I love it! No need for a tan.

  7. Loving the bright lips with the dark hair!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  8. The lippie looks great hun, I love a bright lip look and your hair looks beautiful! xxx

  9. I love petals & peacocks <3
    I normally wear it with a tan as i normally wear it when I go out :)
    I think it looks lovely on you & that clip is goooooooorgeous! xx

  10. wowza! This is HOT.COM! the flower is lovely in your hair, and the lippie is just amazing on you

  11. gawjuss love the lipscolour! xx

  12. Chelsea - Thanks lady!

    Marie - Aww thank you!

    May - Thank you! I just wish it was all my own hair ha!

    Abbie - I'm a bit more tanned up today so I'm going to try again!

    Steph - Awww thanks Steph!!!

    Fern - Thank you :)


  13. Im in love with your big brown eyes and this lipstick makes them look brighter!#

    Emma x.x.x

  14. I love the lippie on you! I think it's a great colour. And you look lovely when you laugh :)


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